Why I'm selling EURUSD right now!

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THERE'S A SHARK... Pattern

Daily Chart EURUSD

We've got valid measurements for a shark pattern,
A - x
B - x
C - 1.13 -1.618
D - 1.618 -2.24
X to D - .886 -1.13 (usually one or the other)

Once we find the pattern we look for the reversal which is illustrated well in the daily chart above, with the second red candle from D point. This Doji, or spinning top, sits at the bottom and shows a bearish reversal coming.

The longer timeframe, the more accurate the candlestick patten is.

Hourly Chart EURUSD

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A little late but here we go!

EuR usd.png


Sharks usually hit at .886, but if I would have been a bit better with D point, we could have played the 5-0 as well

eurusd 2.png


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