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From Here are Todays Bitcoin + Altcoin Prices (sorted by total market cap) as of April 3rd, 2017 5:00PM PST

As you can see, Ripple down -43%! It's a great time to buy! And there is $1.2 billion dollars worth of Ripple out there!
Just imagine when Bitcoin's are fully mined and there are 21 million total bitcoins, people will look at these charts and see how the next blockchain will have to be filled up! And then the next one and so on until we have multiple crypto-currencies with the market size of bitcoin's 18.5 billion dollars! I have read that Ethereum may not have this cap, and so we may see Ethereum as having a larger market cap than Bitcoin! Interesting to see these organized on this list like this! Dash down to $59 uh oh for everyone who bought Dash at $100! I'd just wait i guess but you can just get out of dash now cut your losses and buy some ripple or litecoin or ethereum classic ETC

Here are todays winners by highest gains!

And here are todays losers by lowest losses

Might as well buy some of these coins since they are all low! Ripple Stellar all down !

Stay Posted for more crypto currency bitcoin ETH dash and other alt coin price reports daily!

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What about LTC?


Its at $8! Up from its $2-$4 range it had been stuck at for so long....And its up 3% today, i dunno, it may be worth getting, i think it will go down....I think everything will go down in teh future giving us all an opportunity to get in and then it will go back up and never return to these lows!


Ride the wave...

Buy in thirds!
Sell in thirds!

"thirds rule strategy"