CryptoCurrency Price Update 5-4-2017 ! Bitcoin past $1670! ETH past $94! Ripple past 8 cents(from just 3 cents a week ago!)

5년 전

(Top CryptoCurrencies Prices in US dollar)

Winners Today Poloniex (Namecoin, Peercoin, Ripple Stellar all up 20-30%+

Losers today on Poloniex (Riecoin Lisk, StorjXCoin all down 3-5% great time to buy!)

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Anyway here are the top crypto currencies by marketcap! many doubling within the last week! litecoin over 1 billion and ethereum over 7 billion!

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jesus christ 8 ccent ripple? its 34 cents right now

I am so glad i bought in back then even with the hundred bucks or so i had....$five dollars or 30,000 siacoin i bought back then is now worth $152! I couldnt spend it cuz It was stuck ina siacoin program wallet that wasnt syncing due to me having an old computer with not enough ram, but I retrieved my wallet file and i had the long strong backup anyway! siacoin was the BEST advice the poloniex troll box ever gave me!