Is Bitcoin Price Being Torpedoed By Secret Chinese Miner Meeting? + Dash and ETH | Technical Analysis

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DASH showing surprising strength against Bitcoin in volatile weekend trade. Bitcoin has to deal with a secret Chinese miner meeting and rumors of Coinbase going belly up. ETH should be stronger against BTC weakness.

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I have really come to enjoy your TA. I learn new things every time. Like today I learned that past resistance levels mark future support levels, and vice versa. I have gone back and looked at a bunch of charts and have identified these patterns. It's truly amazing. I begin to wonder what forces drive these phenomena but that's something I need to think about.

One thing that I think I missed from your video is exactly how the talks between miners and the bitcoin development team is torpedoing the price. Is this something that the miners are doing in order to drive out competition, kind of like Wal-Mart comes in and operates at a loss for a while so that they can eventually displace local establishments? Or is it something more incidental, like maybe it is just the fact that the talks result in uncertainty about the development timeline that is causing people to sell?

What is your take?


Thanks @dashpaymag I think August bitcoin prices will be more active after a breakout since June, and my simple analysis that will come out to go up in the near future the early or mid-August this
Support at $ 600 so it was just heading to go to the lowest price $ 610 and the high price of $ 680 in one month yesterday, saw it cause it always is at the price of $ 666
Thanks for your analysis @dashpaymag!!!


Due to the nature of the asset, it's impossible to nail down the true reason for the sell off. Bitcoin is the master of swing and you've only got to look at the 12 month chart to see that it's increased 50%. All things are well in Bitcoin land and I only see this recent dip as a bump in the road.


Great questions and thanks for watching. The body of knowledge surrounding technical analysis is enormous and very subjective, it's definitely not a science. Ultimately it reflects investor (or trader) psychology and as I try to convey regularly, is a tool. Some of the oldest techniques that I've studied are candlesticks which have become almost ubiquitous in charting software. The origin of this analysis is centuries old dating back to Japanese rice traders. It's hard to imagine doing this pre-computer but it has stood the test of time.
With regards to the miner meeting. In my opinion it all comes down to uncertainty. No matter what it is being traded: BTC, currencies, equities, bonds... etc. people hate uncertainty. I remember trading securities back when the FOMC (the Fed) would issue press releases about rate decisions and the markets would literally come to a standstill because whatever was about to be presented would have tremendous impact; but it was unknown. The following volatility was something to behold. You can go back and look at charts of FOMC days and it's unreal. So there seems to be alot of uncertainty in BTC right now which I believe is the fundamental reason driving the selling pressure.

thanks bro ! what about ethereum classic?
It´s holding down the ETH price maybe?


There is only so much volume in the game. It moves between assets so it's a fair assessment to say that as ETC goes down, ETH goes up. It's just the zeros and ones being shuffled about. ETH will come good in the end as ETC (even with it's staunch support) doesn't have developers building quality dapps on the chain.


thanks @dashpaymag information good job

It's being held back by Blockstream who is controlled by Axa. Big banking now has full influence over bitcoin and will continue to have it until the miners do something if they ever do.

Is Kraken safe? That's all I care about!

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Interesting take the meeting cant have been too secret if it is plastered over the internet

Do you think btc price really will up to $10.000 usd?

  ·  5년 전

Thanks for your analysis!

Bitcoin is behaving relly weird. There is this guy that is selling 200 bitcoin the past weeks. This makes it impossible for the price to go up. I wonder who this guy is and what is his intention here ??? You can go to the kraken charts and look at the bottom where you see buyers and sellers. Looks like some annoying person is doin everything to prevent bitcoin from going up.

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Another reason I think is that since the halvening, the bull market that everyone have been expecting had failed to materialise. This, with the jolt from the uncertainty news and ETC drama had basically gave the markets a massive sell signal.

A good time to load up on more BTC in preparation for when the halvening actually have a real impact on the supply, and when the Segwit is eventually released. Like it or not, TheDAO mess up had validated the Core dragging its feet in implementing the 2mb HF and avoid pushing for a hasty Segwit.