Steem Explodes Higher... It's Time Everyone Looks at Steemit Again

4년 전

Bitcoin continues to make all-time highs, currently near $1,560, but altcoins are absolutely skyrocketing.

13 of the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the world by market capitalization were all heavily in the green again on Sunday with many of them in the double digits of percent gains.

One of the biggest gainers was Steem which rose 50% today to well over $0.50.

Many may remember that about 9 months ago we began talking about Steem and the social media site Steemit as our first post on that site earned over $15,000!

We recommended that people begin using the site and posting there and it has earned just my close friends alone tens of thousands of dollars. And I know many TDV readers have earned a lot of money posting there as well.

Many naysayers, trolls and haters all called it a scam… just like they did with bitcoin. But, fools will always remain fools and now Steem has been skyrocketing.

Back when I began talking about Steem nine months ago, I recommended using the site,, but not purchasing the cryptocurrency that backs it, Steem.

That’s because, at the time, Steem was trading far too high, in my opinion, with a market capitalization of over $400 million for a brand new cryptocurrency.

I started recommending it to subscribers in The Dollar Vigilante newsletter (subscribe here) a few months ago, however, when it was near $0.20.

My reasoning was that its market capitalization was much more in line with where it should be than it was last summer.

And now Steem has really taken off.

Steem had been massively lagging all the other cryptocurrencies which have been skyrocketing in the last few months and appears now to be making a catch-up move.

What separates Steem from a lot of the cryptocurrencies now, however, is that it has been a viable cryptocurrency and website for more than a year and it has continued to progress.

Steem, essentially, is a cryptocurrency that backs a decentralized social media platform, or platforms, such as

Steemit, currently, is a bit of a mix between Reddit and Facebook. But the platform can also be used to compete with apps like Twitter.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are all implementing massive amounts of censorship… but Steem can’t be censored. It runs on a blockchain for all to see.

And, for this reason, Steem could theoretically and quite realistically be the killer app that destroys things like Facebook and Twitter.

It currently has a market capitalization of about $100 million. And if it continues to grow and become a real competitor to established social media sites and apps it will be valued in the tens or hundreds of billions of dollars.

So the upside is massive. But, we are a long way from that happening. At least a few years. And, it could fail in the meantime.

But, just like I have been urging readers to at least begin using bitcoin, since it was $3 in 2011 I am urging you to at least get on right now to see how it all works.

It is absolutely genius… and if you are a content creator with a decent size audience, begin posting on Steemit in addition to sites like Facebook. You get paid to post on Steemit. On Facebook you mostly just get your information recorded directly into the CIA’s database.

Bitcoin could very well be the only currency left standing in the next few years. Ethereum could be the cryptocurrency that backs millions of new applications being created right now. And Steem could be the cryptocurrency that ends up backing all social media applications.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the advent of the blockchain is the second biggest thing that has happened in my lifetime. The first was the internet.

If you wish you could go back and invest in internet stocks like Amazon in 1995 then you should be learning everything you can about cryptocurrencies right now.

We make it easy for you and are offering a discount to get our book Bitcoin Basics and subscription to our newsletter where we regularly feature cryptocurrency innovations and investments that have made our subscribers thousands of percent gains in just the last year alone.

You can sign up for it all right now here.

And make sure to like and follow us on Steemit here. We have the most followers on Steemit even above the founders of the site!

And we post all of our content to even before we post it to our own website at so make sure to follow us there.

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i for one, came back to Steemit yesterday.. after joining 9 months ago (my mom subscribes to dollarvigilante and told me about it back when your post made the $15000)... So i came back online now because of her talking about it again. I guess whatever you have posted recently has hyped her up about cryptocurrency which has been passed onto myself! To see you post this now, is very synchronistic for me... There is definitely huge momentum happening RIGHT NOW.


also, when I first joined.. i brought with me about 15-20 artists from Toronto (i organize an arts group there, Emerging Toronto Artists) and although I disappeared since then, a few of them have remained on Steemit... 2 in particular have done really well @elewarne @rachelsvparry ~ so I am also inspired to do another promotion with my group and get some new artists on here asap!


Yuge ! As the hack trump would say. Ha, Hi peoples,

The place for political, finance, crypto, music and world news. Uploads of articles and vids that I find highlighted from the top sources. Up vote for up vote. Visit my page and be well.

It's just a matter of time until things pick up


I sure hope so. Keep following these guys. I wish I would have followed them years ago!

@dollarvigilante thanks for being a cool source of education in this world. You are a living example of caring to share important issues. Best Regards.

Steemit..."It is absolutely genius"

Spot On


Agreed, im having a ball. Upvote for up vote, steem on steem upward. Hi peoples,

The place for political, finance, crypto, music and world news. Uploads of articles and vids that I find highlighted from the top sources. Have a great weekend.


i like it :)

and i'm following :)

Steem on!


Not only are you a worldclassplayer your a gentleman and a scholar, thanks. Steem upward steem on.


Pretty cool, I made $100 while I made thousands of dollars (with Steem going up another 50%+ today) just saying how Steem is awesome. Steem is the gift that keeps on giving! :) Thanks to all who follow and upvote me here!

  ·  4년 전

You are my love, sign on my boobs @dollarvigilante


That made me laugh wayyyy more than is appropriate LOL


Im not sure if i should laugh or feel embarrassed. Upvote for upvote peoples, lets all share the love.


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Thanks for answering. Be a little more creative and write something which has relation to the content. Then you'll be my friend. It is my aim to make steemit as best as possible.


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Steem could use some development, and more promotion, but it is positioned to benefit from legacy media's drive to alienate subscribers that don't share their statist political views. This is a great new-media play - and a potentially explosive investment.


Thank you Gregory Mannarino for telling us of steemit! God bless.


Be your own central bank baby!!

I just joined Steem thanks to watching the dollar vigilante on youtube as well as many other contrarian youtubers in the community. I must say so far it seems like a revolutionary concept paying out both the creators as well as the community that supports them at the same time.

Golden Old days are back again....

Awesome info as usual! Thanks and keep up the work it is appropriated!


THANK U JEFF! As always very thankful, I've been learning a lot about cryptocurrencies. I remember perfectly in the 90s and even in the early 2000 I wanted to buy amazon and ebay, etc... but for one or another reason never bought them at all! bad decision making... and now I (we all) am in the same crossroad like a deja vu! BUT this time... it's very different for me.
Go on with your work. God bless.

I know it is pumping haha , awesome days at the moment !

Exciting times!

Bitcoin is losing dominance and it's good to see competition for it. If Steemit really takes off then Steem will rocket further. Exciting times...

Thanks Jeff for being on the leading edge of everything the elites don't want us to know about.

All cryptos going higher as the market cap does.

Thanks to @dollarvigilante I got into Steem and Steemit. That was a great call Jeff. Many thanks for that!


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15000$ ??? Holy shit!!

I'll just say that I'm glad I kept my account open.


Same here. I first joined it a few months ago (Jeffs fault) and in the last few days I kept seeing Jeff and Gregory Mannarino talk about it and I had to check it out again.

Great vision !!!! It's time to be wise and aware of everything

Awesome post, and very insightful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as always. And I cannot agree with you more on how profound the blockchain tech really is.

Super excited about the potential of Steemit. Im glad I joined. Thank you for the info, your video is how i discovered it.

I watched your video this morning and signed up for Steemit tonight.

A very encouraging post! The dollar is set to go down, we onlay have to be patient and the cryptos and steemit will rise further! Thank you for sharing your confidence.

I shared this on all my sites. I will never stop kicking myself for not getting bitcoin when i could afford it.

Thank you, definitely going to follow you.

Thanks for the info.

Great ! no more censorship from youtube , facebook and google! and we earn crypto at the same time

I am pretty new to steemit and im happy i joined up. This is a great idea.

Saw this first on YouTube I'm subscribed to for a long time! heard of your life story go with God love you