16 and on my way to become a millionaire...

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16 and on my way to become a millionaire

This is an article about my life and how cryptocurrencies help me earn money!
Everything in this article is true!

Now that I’m doing this I might be able to remove “write my own biography” from my bucketlist, since this will be me telling you guys how I’m “on my way to become a millionaire”. I learned about cryptocurrencies around a year ago, march 2017. I was really interested in technology and stuff, that is why I bought some Bitcoin. Just a little bit, it was around $10. Bitcoin started to rise and I sold my part of the chain. That was the first time where I made money from a cryptocurrency. 1 year later I have made around $1300 in profit and I’m not planning to stop. I have no clue if I’m talented or just lucky, in that year I have invest in around 14 different currencies. Some were cheaper, Dogecoin for example (wich I sold right before their price went up by times 10). Some were a little bit more expensive like Ether, I’m still owner of some ether right now and I’m not planning to sell it just yet. Everyday when I check my wallets, I’m stunned by the amount of money I make and that everything is happening right now. I’m only 16 and I make more money than all of my friends. I tried to keep this my little secret because I don’t want friends that are just my friends for the money I make… This week I told some of my friends how much money I make and all of them were really shocked, somehow they didn’t excpect me to make so much money from some online coins. After I told them that, some of them wanted to invest with me. They give me money, I invest it and we split the profit. Although I’m not so sure if I want to do this, I told them multiple times that investing comes with some risks. I can lose all the money they gave me and I don’t want angry people telling me that “I should have done a better job”. On the other hand, starting a business would help me earn even more and really work together with people. That thing right there is also on my bucketlist, “start my own business”. Is this my easy way to get rich? I don’t know, maybe this is my way to a heart attack…

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Thats a good start, but you must realize that a small profit is what you must be looking for. If you go in for a big profit, sounds good, but it makes you invest more $ than you can afford to, and in currencies with bigger risk than the standards.. I wish you to have a good luck and take care.


I started out with $10 dollars and always split my profit ;)
I should be safe for now :)

Fair play young man!! I wish I had your entrepreneurial spirit when I was 16.. I have just started trading myself, up 60% in a month. Aint no financial institute anywhere gonna pay me that kind of money... Why not make a smart contract with your mates, very complicated mixing money and friendship or try exchange with sub accounts or teach them to do it for themselves.. best of luck in your future, it looks bright :)


Thank you very much. Good luck with the trading :)