Is Spankchain the new Bitcoin?

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My opinion about: Spankchain

I told you guys I was going to do this more often, give my opinion about stuff. I'm back with anothere rather weird topic... Spankchain.


Spankchain is a new cryptocurrency. Although it's a little bit weird it might have a future. Spankchain uses the blockchain for well, you can probably guess it by its name... pornography. Spankchain uses the blockchain/cryptocurrency trend to fund pornograhpy and livestreaming. The reason I believe that this one has a future is by its amazing increase of value. It was founded in november 2017 and has increased from almost $0 to $0,50. That in only 2 months. Is this just a meme or is it really the future of pornography. Using the blockchain to fund, although it's a bit strange right now and I don't really get how it works, it might have a big future. Maybe I'll even invest in some Spankchain, Spankchains? Spankcoins? I have no clue. Easy way to get rich? Maybe, why don't you try ;) This is there website, just in case you're interested :)


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