Greg Hunter Interview: Catherine Austin Fitts -- The Real Game of Missing Money

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Greg Hunter interviews Catherine Austin Fitts, financial expert, investment advisor, and founder of The Solari Report, about the debt, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (00:08) Cover of The Solari Report;
  • (02:11) Explain the IOU on the cover;
  • (03:55) What does "re-engineering the U.S. government" mean to pension holders?;
  • (06:09) What do we do when the U.S. budget has been taken "dark"?;
  • (08:09) Why was there bipartisan support for taking the U.S. budget "dark"?;
  • (10:56) What does the 're-engineering" of the U.S. look like?;
  • (11:53) The inflation rate is going to be enormous?;
  • (12:40) Does this lead to a more feudal system?;
  • (15:20) Explain the cloud contract?;
  • (20:06) Redacted budget report;
  • (25:03) Why put this on the cover of The Solari Report?;
  • (28:14) Are you talking about the debasement of the U.S. dollar?;
  • (29:30) Is this the reason you like gold (real assets)?;
  • (34:46) CNN;
  • (37:12) What are government officials afraid of?;
  • (41:33) The Solari Report;
  • And more...

47 minute video by Greg Hunter published 1 June 2019

Link Associated with this Interview

Bipartisan Support for Secret Accounting to Hide Missing Money – Catherine Austin Fitts


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The purpose of this post is to raise awareness of the USAWatchDog, give Greg's work a wider audience, and direct traffic to his YouTube channel.

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Hello @etcmike, thanks for keeping up with these issues as we must venture into them to learn and be able to face the changes that come at the level of economies...

interesting interview with Catherine Austin Fitts,thanks for sharing

Thank you for the latest news in the economy. An interesting video

Great job sir thanks for sharing Greg Hunter interview series

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