Greg Hunter Interview: Michael Pento - Global Debt Monetization

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Greg Hunter interviews Michael Pento, money manager at "", about the debt, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (01:07) What are you paying attention to in regards to the recent Middle East events?;
  • (04:06) What did the U.S. Federal Reserve do to keep from having another banking crisis?;
  • (07:50) Has the U.S. Federal Reserve fixed the problem?;
  • (12:56) What is the end game?;
  • (17:00) Physical gold;
  • (19:22) Is this why gold is attracting buyers?;
  • (26:53) Should the average person be buying silver?;
  • And more...

32 minute video by Greg Hunter published 4 January 2020

Link Associated with this Interview

No Escape from Massive Global Debt Monetization – Michael Pento


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Al parecer soluciones en un marco legal, es decir que los gobiernos tomen decisiones acertadas para solucionar esto, no las hay, solo dependerá de cada uno de nosotros.

It seems that there are no solutions in a legal framework, that is to say that governments will make the right decisions to solve this, but it will depend on each one of us.

Hola @etcmike, ahora ya me pregunto, se habla de los token y surgen innumerables proyectos por esto, podrán reemplazar a la economía tradicional…

Hello @etcmike, now I wonder, there is talk of tokens and countless projects arise because of this, they can replace the traditional economy...

Escuchar sobre esto poco a poco nos va dando una perspectiva de negocios que no podemos evadir. Hay que aprender a comprar oro, plata y otros, definitivamente no hay alternativas.

Hearing about this is slowly giving us a business perspective that we cannot avoid. We have to learn to buy gold, silver and others, there are definitely no alternatives.

It was interesting to know the expert opinion. Thank you for the information.

thank you for sharing the interview with GREG HUNTER, have a good week

Big financial Bummer coming... :-(

Thank you very much for the information with GREG HUNTER, good luck

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