Greed is a vice?

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yes greed may be a unhealthy character.

WRITTEN may be a state of life that produces folks discontented with what they need and strives to own additional. This greed isn't regarding possession of property however conjointly for food, drink, sexual issues, so forth.

These embrace pathologic and unhealthy disease, as a result of the greedy heart ne'er calms down, is happy, and forever feels disadvantaged. Therefore, it are often actuated to try to to unhealthy things, like cheating, stealing, manipulation, corruption, etc., to satisfy his greed for property and position. that's why the courier of Supreme Being Shalallaahu 'Alaihi Wasallam warned of the danger of greed:

"Whoever makes the hereafter as its destination, then God can offer sufficiency in his heart. All the wants of God can gather and wishes the globe to come back. Whoever builds the world's motivation as God's dream can build the distress before of his eyes and can make things worse. whereas the globe (which he seriously seeks) no one involves him however rather consistent with what God destined for him, within the afternoon and within the morning he's forever in bother. "(H.R. Tirmizi).

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