If You Can't Beat Them, Do Something ... Maybe*


For those unfamiliar with my large catalog of bot hate, feel free to skim this article on bidding bots I wrote more than a year ago. Back then my opinion was obviously worth something as I made some fat Steem stacks back in the day. Thank god that all of the critical voices against Steem have slowly disappeared and powered down. I was worried I might have some serious competition. I mean who would you rather read, me or one of those sermons from the Church of Steem and Latter Day Profits. Yeah, I wasn't a big fan of Sunday School and dogmatism either.


But alas, I must not speak ill of the holy church. Just because they are religious doesn't necessarily mean they are wrong (However, even if they are right, it doesn't justify their righteousness). Today, I once again voice my disagreement with those soulless individuals that you guys call "passive" investors. More specifically, the delegation groups that specifically sell their souls (votes) for Steem (play money).

It bewilders that people pay these machines when they contribute nothing to the validity of the money they think they are earning. I would argue something something ROI, something something no utility something something, but the church would go off on some tangent on scarcity! or something else they think matters.

But the purpose of this post is not to convince people I am right. That is what the post linked above was for. The purpose of this post is to propose an alternative. Because today, I'm taking a stand against the army of the dead (soulless (bidbots)), and providing some competition. I will* 100% vote** any post linked to this post for free.

Bring out those calculators you soulless investors. In case you didn't know, that's an infinity%*** return on investment. Some would call that printing money out of thin air. Others might call it black magic. I call it "finding consensus".

And guess what, despite the fact that this bear market and lack of a quality product has decreased my money generation powers, I can still increase that income by 1 whole cent! And I know how much those precious pennies mean to the church nowadays (cause in the future they might be worth "millions").

Well, there you go. That is my contribution to your bottom lines. Don't join the army of the dead. Join me. I like living and unlike the church I can acknowledge my shortcomings. I used to the care. But that wasn't fun. So let's make Steem fun again. Or not. You can flag downvote me to hell if that appeases the Bullish Gods.

The Fine Print

* this offer stands for at least 24 hours after the publishing of this post. At any time after I reserve the right to not up-vote your content. However, I could if I really wanted to just do this forever, you never know
vote entails both upvoting and downvoting, if I think your post is worth less than one cent, I'm downvoting you (roughly equivalent to censoring, stealing, and/or killing babies)
*** infinity% only applies in the case of an upvote, that being said, a possibility of infinity% is certainly better than selling your soul to the army of the dead

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Bidbots are glorious and will save Steem, as investors will flock to the platform. Er... damn that didn't happen, and Steem has fallen to lower rankings... I know! We need to give curators more rewards because authors don't deserve 75% and investors should make more money by autoboting or selling their votes. That will make Steem a success!


I know I don't deserve a dime and other authors should realize this too. I serve one purpose, to give back to the community church. We can't let the plebs think things here might be more fair than on centralized platforms. They might take away from the church's ROI.