PPL Corp. (PPL): Does this Look Bullish or Bearish?

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Reposted due to downvotes.

PPL Corporation (PPL) has been in a corrective mode since 2007 and is about 2/3 complete! The rise it had been having since then is only a countertrend bounce. The purple channel is also spelling out a very scary looking bear flag. What's even more scary is that price has pierced through the bottom purple line decisively! Watch out!

The red ABC sequence still has the C down remaining and it'll be in an impulse sequence. Blue waves 1 and 2 are complete and so the 3 is still in progress and could decline even more as wave 3s move most violently. The red C can be followed to zone in on the terminal end of this multi-year corection. Why? Terminal ends of corrections usually represent the best buying opportunities.

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Thanks for the informative post. The lectures you have available are amazing too.

This is bearish my lecturer.

Bearish. We're seeing it come back down and correct after a nice run

Hello @haejin, Your post here is smooth and bearish and gets a thumbs up from Me...Well Done!

Let's take another look at PPL after 30 days.

PPL breached bearish area of $28.00.

Floor seems to have been reached at $27.00.

Fundamentals of PPL remain unchanged.

PPL remains a solid long-term investment.

I had a recent piece about PPL Electric Utilities (Why Has PPL Corp. Fallen On Hard Times?) and I wanted to revisit the topic given that we are about a month beyond the posting of the opinion and see if anything much has changed for the stock. Should we dump PPL for greener pastures or is the time right for entry? I don't intend to take a deep dive into PPL at this point, given that I don't feel any truly fundamental aspects about the stock have changed, but I'd like to take a look at the recent price action and re-establish the value aspect of the investment play in PPL.

Nice one,
Thanks for the tips.. @haejin

When you talk about these corporations actually you are referring equity market, pardon for the noob question.


very well

2nd subwave of C wave is higher than B wave so this 12 should be invalidated.