BitShares (BTS): I See the Forest.....

4년 전


The Bitshares (BTS) correction is in progress. Five waves had been put in and complete. I've labeled the correction subwaves as shown. If this is an a,b,c; the c subwaves are in blue and so we could now be seeing a wave iv bounce. Wave v could allow a new lower low to around $.32 or so.

Here is the Forest from the Trees. The five purple waves are subwaves to a higher degree of trend blue wave 1. The current correction is placing the higher degree of trend blue wave 2. What comes after wave 2? Wave 3 UP!

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  ·  4년 전


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His charts plays out beautifully once again. We are so glad you are here to see that, and to join us! What's that? I hear something rustling in the trees. Not to worry, there's no such thing as killer whales in the forest. Thank You for Sharing with us @kata. You will be considered one of the greats who helps to project this post, and many others to the top once again! Thank You!

  ·  4년 전

Thanks to all people helping me to go to the top and stop @haejin from giving deciding financial advices.


Please don't stop posting. All must hear your news!


I really do not still understand why there should be a protest against One individual giving his opinion in a community where one's freedom to express him/her isn't withheld


You misspelled communist.


I just laughed my ass off again there Scarlet:) Genius wit!


You might want to get a better grasp of the English language before attempting to discredit someone else


The problem with him is that he is most likely collaborating with a whale to hijack the trending page.



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  ·  4년 전

lol shame!? thats the best youve got!? what are you one of those social just warriors trying to protest trump? thats what you sound like and its so pathetic its funny.

grow up. this man is earning unique votes from the community. go be a commie somewhere else. quit trying to steal what this man has earned.


Claiming Haejin is a scammer simply shows how you can easily be a scammer too. There's no scamming being done here, just some honest charting by somebody that cares to share his wealth of knowledge.


Why are you here? Because you're broke? I get it....


This comment is so pathetic it's actually funny !


He is also using the free platform called steem. you can downvote his posts, but it will cost you steem power and as a profit seeker, you will earn nothing.

Stop riding on his name, hoping to get some upvotes


best time to buy. all in for bts


How is posting TA, including his chart drawing useless content?

This dip is welcome and proving to be short lived. I'd actually like to see it last longer to build more of a base.

This correction was awesome! 🙌

I wish you all massive profits! 🚀

And especially I wish it to @berniesanders. That campaign made us stronger and even more powerful. He could use the money he got from that dirty post and invest it into crypto. That would be fun to write about in the next post. 🙏

Mr. Lee, could I interview you for my Today's Crypto News youtube channel? Big Fan!

Sweet. More time to buy under a $1

I am so hoping for BTS to drop/correct down to .15 cents to buy another 100,000 BTS

Bts to the Moon!

My two investments - Steem and BitShares!


My best guess is that this has to do with the recent hack of the Youbit exchange in South Korea. Thieves made off with 17% of its assets. They’re probably the ones dumping coins right now.


We follow TA not news..who stole the other alts then?


I agree though I think also that when Buffet said yesterday regarding BTC that it wouldn't end well, it no doubt had an effect with some major players albeit hopefully short term.

Nearly lost my whole bag today. I just survived it. I was trying to be a hero by holding and not selling. Was not expecting such a huge dump. I got caught up with BTS to 6.62 Fomo.


Hey Tony, while we are on here thanking people, I want to thank you for the content you give on Youtube. It has helped me tremendously. Haejin, Kimchi on Discord Bitshares channel and you have all been awesome.

Hi Haejin, I created my Steemit account and added steem to my account just because of you. You inspire me to do no harm and to gain massive profits. Thank you for all that you have done for this community. Your followers have your back.

I look forward to your posts every day and I wish you a merry xmas.


Good on you! Thank you so much for your support!

I need to buy some more BTS! I sold half of my stake at $0.06 :( :( :(

i think soon we will see ATH in btc price at BTS.

Could you please do an update on SBD and Steem?


Yeah... That is highly needed this time around

Happy for another buying opportunity. Thanks for the great info, time to back up the truck to the bitshares depot before it jumps up again.

If this is close at all I️ will be buying more bts in the mid to low .30s


Haters gonna hate


People will always be hating on successful people. Their just mad because it's not them in the limelight.




Yes so called crypto analyst are taking a lot of money for the same content which @haejin is providing for free. And they don't want it to happen.

They have enormous voting power and they can cross any limit to disrespect haejin. So if we want to help haejin then we must upvote his content with as much of voting power we can and flag those content against Haejin.

He made all of us a lot of profit. He deserves it.

I'm HODLing!


I'm adding.


same here !!


It did take a dive, but nothing compared to it's run up. I started picking it up just recently when it was $.05. This dip is nothing!


Actually, relatively speaking and considering how much BTC went down, BTS held on very well.


@maciekgt3. Agree. Anyone who trades or invest but do not expect a correction as normal does not understanding the basics.


@maciekgt3 Totally agreed. Let's also not forget what BTC's price was last January. That said, the current price drop is just a normal correction. I think we're just a bit too spoilt by BTC. We've got used to it exploding continuously.


Very good point. When you look at the other alts both bitshares and Steem have held up pretty well.




@lordneroo. "Hope you're right" Good luck with hoping. Take other's info, analyze it yourself and come up with your own decisions. You are the one should take ownership of your own trading. Others only give you their opinions, whether you pay them or not.


@ropaar I tried to care about your negativity but I couldn't, user without a face. :) Try again. Oh, maybe try learning how to comprehend English. I never implied I took his advice on anything. I've been holding BTS for months.

I subscribed to your channel
thanks haejin

Could you do an analysis on EOS?

Noticing all your posts are one-sided, all saying each crypto is about to "moon".
Do you ever recommend selling, bc the "ABC" correction is about to happen?

Our one day rec, during the storm, made 2-18% overnite depending on when you sold this morning, check it out....

  ·  4년 전

Anyone here saw the ~3-5M BTS margin sold at dex recenlty? :O what was that.


That is the beauty and threat of DEX.

The beauty it is because in such cases when there is a 50% correction and prices gets down all low level collateral gets called and it is put in the market. For the market it is really good but for those who owns that collateral it is huge loss and a threat.

Can you please do an update on EOS?

Thank you. I have still EOS when it was 1 dollar. I will buy BTS for long term.
Is it good to keep them for long term? can you make analise from EOS please

Hey Haejin, thanks for the updates! Mentioned a while back, but did you ever interact with a Jeff Weiss? And also curious to hear your thoughts on GBTC. Especially interested given the holiday weekend and the implications this may have.

We all need to help @haejin!

Please consider adding STEEM POWER to your account. It will stop downvoters from making his content invisible.

It is very quick Just read this blog.

Steemit is a community and we all must pitch in to help our friend @haejin!sadfsfs.png

Thanks for the data!!

All the way up!!!

I don't see the forest, I see the mountains!!! massive profits!

sorry is the 0.21 wave still coming or has that passed?
Can't see very well on my phone.
What a buying opportunity if so!

Thanks Mr Lee!

Excellent Post as always Haejin. Still mad as hell to see ridiculous posts that are hateful and ignorant. Haejin's analysis are sound and thoughtful. These trolls don't know anything about cryptocurrency. Success is the best form of revenge. Lets all be successful with massive profits and silence these ignorant trolls.

You dog Haejin, I see what you did on bitshares and took crazy advantage of this dip to increase your BTS holdings! Nice work sir! I don' t have the stomach to leave and re-enter the market, but kudos to you and maybe I will get there one day...

Hi @haejin.. am your biggest fan:) Please update your profile picture:)

I never get it perfect but im very happy with my ekstra BTS.

With this information I may be able to greatly increase my stake in BTS. Thank you @haejin.

Updated on MANA please?!

Great analysis! I've put you on follow.

Thank you.

Do you know what the target value is? :O I literally am hoping to recover all my money by putting all i have in bts hope it works!!! 3 thousand dolllars lets hope this shoots to at least 80 cents so I recover what I have lost! I wish I found you sooner you would have saved me so much money!

  ·  4년 전

Don´t worry. It will reach .81 and far more... Do not panic sell.


Don't sell. Just buy more if it dips.

Uggg my BTS position got whip sawed out at the stop. Traded the BTC to tether. Other than core holdings of ether, and some Ark I am fully cash now. Guess I am waiting for the bottoms... really hope I don't screw this up!

Time to buy more ::))! What about Ltc?

What a golden opportunity haejin! Problem is the banks here in Australia have refused to transfer funds into crypto exchange platforms. I'm told by Coinspot that they will not allow transfers till middle of January? There's no other means to do that, checked everywhere. Depressing.

Bitcoin at its best

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time to buy more Bts .

I think you are right here. Corrections are not always a bad thing at all. If you like the story there is definite value to be gained. Getting worked up on daily swings in my opinion in a great story means GREAT VALUE ON SALE. Best of luck to you Merry Christmas and have a very happy 2018.

Thank you for the confirmation that it was wave 1 done! :)

amazing idea, i hope you will like my post too)

Good post, BTS is the best :)

@Haejin what is this ?
This is completely different then the previous forecast. Not the path, nor the destination are the same. I have learned much from you in the past few weeks and understand that the market is forever changing, but this is completely different than before.
Much love.

Well the blood bath has been fun, lets see how long it continues. I gotta request for analysis on a coin that has been doing well for me it's called ARDR check it out. Thanks as always for everything you do bro. I've been putting out the good word against the crazy drama you've been experiencing lately. Stay strong!

We love Haejin Lee, analyst and man! I earn a lot of wealth with his kind free posts and i am forever grateful. Please UPVOTE HAEJIN!

just for you 100 free tokens to sign up for a new ICO.
If you like, use my ref link as well:

Sweet! I am so ready to buy more at $0.32.

I think this is the beginning the end of Bitcoin story (bull trap) and I am sure that BitShares will survive this tulip hype. ;)

I'm sure it is going to bounce right back and go even higher.

@haejin Could you please explain me, whats TCASH and ARCOIN on Open Ledger ? I just get them sometimes... Thanks !

I admit to being a bit lost with bitshare, I bought two months ago and I saw that on Bittrex he does not support it anymore. What should you think?
Is there bad news for this alt corner?

Hello haejin. I Followed and upvote you.If you follow me and upvote me, I'll be happy.Thanks :)

Bitshares is the new KING!!!

good work

can you tell us how to convert to BTC one? is this same to btc pair? thank you mr @haejin, you are my inspiration

· send your btc to the wallet and buy bts...

post a nice greetings @mizi23 success always friend

Thank you!

Congratulations @haejin!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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nice... Follow me ... i will give my phone number <3

Nice man.

@haejin, what kind of timeline do you think we are looking at? From your charts it looks like it will be a few months out.

Thanks. Any news on DGB?

Naneum indonesia good job guys

You have some artifacts from long forgotten analysis in the bottom right corner of picture Haejin :-) It can confuse some people. Cheers.

nice info. will give you a follow to get more of such. keep it up

Black Friday for cryptocurrency

Ben established since 2013...more transactions than ETH and BTC combined...a living breathing business with user cases and revenue already streaming in..:-)

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