Boise Cascade (BCC) Analysis

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Lyndsay is a BITCH and there is no greater asshole than Fulltimegeek. They need to be stopped and my efforts are aimed to do exactly that. YOU young man, need to consider how Lyndsay and Hendrix and yourself are triggering others to get downvoted by initiating the downvote campaigns against me.

You can stop anytime! But, as long as your downvote campaigns continue, my downvotes will continue in response!

Very simple!


You refuse to even acknowledge the harm you've done, and continue to do, to the Steem community. No one believes a word you say. Your notorious track record of failed price predictions and community complaints has reached epic porportions.

Enjoy round 2 ...


Honorary stewards of Gondor and members of the congregation,
As all of you may know, we have a cave-troll in our midst.
Every hallway in our kingdom reeks of its feces.
Joyfully it defecates at least 10 times a day.
Into our very nostrils its stench reaches.
Nourishing itself with its own excrement.

I stand my ground firm beside you.
Shouting to the heavens that God delivers us.

A growing and troubling threat we have by the hour.
Now is when we must fight.

Are you ready for battle?
Should I blow the trumpet?
Shelter yourself O ye troll for thy flags cometh like a thief in the night.
Hold on to these words for they shall surely come to pass.
Overdue is your reward.
Low quality are your words.
Embrace your demise.



No, No,'re wrong Geek! Bury your self righteous green ass six feet under!

No group better circle jerks like you and your posse! Fuckin hypocrite!
One day, you'll get yourself out of Lyndsay's bitch spell to have you do her bidding.

Here is to spitting on you Geek!



I can say Haejin has kept his peace with me. It has been 1 month. We haven't had any problems. Maybe instead of constantly flagging each other, you should be flagging the witnesses that don't fix Steemit. Nothing will get changed until those witness make the change. They are the ones who allowed the voting & flagging to be designed the way it is. They are collecting big paychecks & some of them aren't really doing to much to deserve it.


Excuse me, but if this is about downvotes, why do you downvote my posts where i track the results of your predictions, considering that i never downvoted any of your posts?

"NO! I'm not insane as I've made such calls that have come to fruition. Review my blogs; the evidence of my performance is in my blogs!" - by Haejin

Don't worry, i am checking it: 14,75% of successful predictions.

Hello Mr. Haejin

I have noticed that you have been busy flagging my posts these days, and i very interested to know why...

But before you answer, let's get some facts on the table:

You once claimed that you only flag accounts that are flagging you, but interesting enough, i have never flagged any of your posts

The very first flag you and your other accounts (starjuno and ranchorelaxo) issued on my account was on this post, this one, and this one.

In these three posts i talked about how the markets have always been plagued by fake gurus, that lead people to believe that they know the secret to how to be a "winner trader"

And what is interesting here is that i never mentioned your name on any of these posts.

After these posts, i started to track your performance, creating a paper trading portfolio.

During the time of the tracking, your choices of coins had a better performance than bitcoin, and since it was a positive thing about your so called "predictions", you never flagged any of them.

You claim that your advices are free, and you only want to help people, but:

  • You recieve money from Youtube ads
  • You recieve money from ranchorelaxo votes (only for you) and self-votes here on steemit
  • You recieve money from "private classes"
  • You seem pretty angry when your payout is reduced here on Steemit by people that don't agree with your rewards
  • After reaching a certain level of popularity, you started to give "advices" on cryptocurrencys through a paid service that costs "only" US$ 795,00 a year for the so called "founding members", and US$1,195 a year for whoever come later (BTW, congratulations on using the "limited number" marketing trick)

Nice way to do things for free


You claim the motto "do no harm", but from what i have seen, you have done a lot of harm on people that had nothing to do with your posts, even downvoting charity posts.

Your downvotes on my posts restarted when i began to check wich were the results of your older "advices"

(wich so far has put your Accuracy rating that you claimed to be more than 80% at around 17.70% in 8 days of advices)

You try to make a lot of noises with your KABOOMs when one of your "predictions" hit a target, but looks pretty silent when they miss.

You and your friends are the only people that downvotes my posts so far

Now, with the facts out of the way, here are my hypotesis why you are downvoting my posts:

1 - You don't want people to see the results of your "advices"

Wich i could say that you are trying to censor my posts, while at the same time, claiming that those people flagging you are trying to censor your posts

2 - You don't want anyone that have a different perspective from yours to recieve rewards here on Steemit

If that is the case, don't worry. I can actually make my living through real trading, and not by selling empty promisses with a lot of smoke and mirrors to other people

3 - You don't understand you own technic, and isn't too confident with your trading skills

Getting luck once in a bull market doesn't mean you are a good trader. A good trader must have consistency, wich from what i have seen, you don't.

So you are so insecure about your own trading skills that don't want to debate your own results

4 - You don't have arguments for your failed "predictions"

Since you can't make up hard to read phrases that would be believeble enough to justify your failed predictions, you think is better to just flag an hide other people arguments

5 - You want to be the only trade advisor here

I agree that is a bit of a stretch, because i don't actually give any trading advices, but who knows... maybe you want to monopolize Steemit.

So Mr. Haejin, i would love to hear your reasoning on why you are flagging my posts. But remember: Every flag you give me is less power for your self-vote.

Meanwhile, for those that would like to see the results of all Haejin advices since January (less than 20% so far), visit my blog at @truthtrader, because i will keep updating the results there, even though mr. Haejin will keep on flagging them.


Can you recommend one good financial or investment professional to consult.