My Shit... #002

5개월 전
in money

Bought boat for $200. Fixed, repaired, painted. Sold today for $600. $400 profit.

I always Love win wins. I had 2 other dudes who were supposed to buy but it wasn't for them. This dude that bought today, paid me before i could even say hi. "Hi". Dude had a family of 5 and it was their perfect boat. He plans on using it on the canal system he lives on.

Boat was super solid and an antique 1950s. I could of easily charged more except i am moving product.

Also met a new neighbor and bought a new boat from him. $100 for 12' v hull no leaks.

Ill easily sell for around $600. We may put an outboard on it and possibly a trailer for the package. Then $2000.

Good day. Sold. Bought. Injoy.

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