PENNYWISDOM: Understanding that Every Penny Counts

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*_PENNYWISDOM: Understanding that Every Penny Counts_*

It is a privilege to share my thoughts with you today. I see each opportunity l have to discuss a certain topic with people as an opportunity to plant seeds. By seed l mean the knowledge, insight, inspiration, education, exposure, answers and common sense. The value that will be shared in this session can light up someone's candle so that he/she can blaze with value.
So I'll encourage us to increase our TEACHABILITY INDEX to above 80 for the few minutes we have.

Let me explain what I mean.

TEACHABILITY INDEX for me is a measure of one's willingness to learn in relation with one's willingness to change and this is on a scale of 100.

TEACHABILITY INDEX = (Willingness To Learn X Willingness to change)

So the range of your willingness to learn is (0 - 10)
The range of your willingness to change is (0 - 10)

So if I get a 10 of both variables from my audience tonight, we will be operating at a TEACHABILITY INDEX of 100 which is at optimum capacity 😊

The Jews today control a substantial portion of the world's wealth. This is not by design but it is a function of their instinctive financial intelligence. They are so wise financially that wealth appears to be their birthright. No wonder you see a substantial number of them owning some of the fortune 500 companies while the others who are not founders are on top executive position of top companies.

This is not the same with us Africans . Africans occupies a substantial portion of poverty, hardship, debt and all sorts of financial misadventures amongst the wealth distribution scale in the world today and the reason(s) is not far from what me and you know.

imageimage from pexels

I decided to focus on this subject Because for a reason I cannot justify, I am from a continent that is considered to be backwards. I am from a race that is largely dependent on some other race and annoyingly, there is only one reason for this backwardness. We are not FINANCIALY WISE!

someone void of Wisdom does not necessarily mean that they are foolish. No! Instead of describing us as foolish, I'll accept that ignorance is our bane!

"Financial Ignorance is the Blackman's problem"
We (Am assuming we are Africans) are very ignorant of :

*the principles of wealth creation,
*how to be Prudent,
*how to exponentially increase in value,
*how to create a future we want. "where money nobi problem" as Sakodie the Ghanaian Musician usually claim.

Am sure the person reading this now has a challenge almost every other person on this platform has...

What's the challenge ?

*_Your knowledge of how to spend money is superior to your knowledge of how to make money._*

I Have been able to establish that our challenge as a race has its root in our:

environmental dynamics,
Lack of exposure
Financial Illiteracy
Lack of foresight
And many more...
So I'll be opening our eyes to some truth, patterns, knowledge, principles, laws, norms, wisdom & understanding that should move us out of ignorance


Prudency is a key accounting principle which makes sure that assets and income are not overstated and liabilities and expenses are not understated. This is a big problem with many of us. We rubbish this concept! Expecially black men. We are known to live above our means. We love to impress out of nothing in our pocket or accounts. We overstate our bank balance in our actions and activities. Infact it is difficult for one to know the broke nigga amongst us because we don't live within our means.

I was shocked recently when I stumbled on a stat that revealed that 85% of Nigerians have less than #500, 000 ($1,400) in their bank accounts. Sadly this is true and a large number of these Nigerians use gadgets, devices and accessories that worth more than their bank balance.

This is a sad but true reality
imageimage credit
Every units or decimals that is not supported or considered in our day-to-day lives defeats us. As a result of my business exposure, I have come to appreciate decimals and units. This is because the units we neglect becomes a mountain when a large volume is injected into the equation or circumstances.

Interestingly only the wealthy ones appreciate units and decimals. Infact they take that into negotiations and price haggling. In case you don't know, "Billionaires are the hardest to make profits from. They are so concerned about every cent in a dollar and every kobo in a Naira." You are making a big mistake if you think that your profit margin will be very high just because you are dealing with a Billionaire.

But the poor minded are always very quick to round off these small figures in deals... This pattern is common in our environment and we are always interested in LUMPSUM deals. We don't factor spreading cost or payment over time and most often we stress our finances with the shock of a heavy single withdrawal. That's because we don't appreciate units. Even Jesus Christ gathered up left overs after his miracle of multiplication and they mopped up 12baskets of food that was available for redistribution.


~Sentiment is the greatest enemy of common sense~. Everyone has a Sentimental attachment to something. It is okay once your Sentimental attachment does not have a negative effect on you. It will be a great disservice to yourself if you allow any form of Sentimental attachments have its way into your finances. Honestly this is relative and subjective but no one is shielded from this dangerous factor.

E. G
some persons will say I must just fly first Class on British Airways so that I can show class. Honestly this is ok if you can afford it but if is not wise for a struggling Millionaire. Some other people are so attached to Junks and all form of fatty foods that they spend so much to keep up with feeding. Some young men will gulp as much as 5 bottles of Heineken on Champions league night in a cozzy hotel with friends when their total activities during the day didn't fetch them #2000 ($6). Others can't just distinguish between wise spending and Sentimental spending

There is need to check this☝🏼 because "if you spend more than you earn per day you're destined to be broke"

It is not your salary that makes you rich. It is your spending habits. Many have not discovered that Being in control of your finances is the greatest stress reliever. Many underestimate themselves by comparing their finances with others. And to balance up, their finances suffers the most. They attempt to close the gap by spending unnecessarily to buy things they do not need and each time they buy what they want to use to impress others, the value starts to drop the moment money is payed. If you want to impress, it is wise to spend on properties, Digital Assets and substance that will retain its value over a long period of time.

If we must scale up financially, Our spending habits should be in check!

It is true that if you invest, you are buying a day that you don't have to work. But most often we mistake money doubling ventures for investment opportunities. Some of them include Ponzi Schemes, Unsustainable Pyramid Systems, Gambling and Betting, Paying for lotteries, Quick cash games etc.

In the holy book, there is a parable of two builders who spent their hard earned resources to construct two buildings. While one took time to build on the rock, the other spent his money on building on mere sand without a foundation (Unwise Investment). Just as we all know that there is always a season of storm. This season came and the man who built on sand lost all his investments to the storm while the one that built on a rock withstood the storms that raged.

Most often I advise people not to invest at all if they are but certain about the investment opportunities presented to them. Instead, I strongly recommend that they take part of that money and invest in the knowledge of that investment so that you will not only be sound, but their investment will be secured

👉🏽 An investor without an investment objective is like a traveler without a destination


The simplest definition of leverage is the ability to do more with less. If there is any ability one should thirst for, it is LEVERAGEABILITY. This is when your few thousands are making Millions and your few millions is bringing hundreds of millions. Leverage should not fall on the side of Why should l leverage? It should fall on the side of how will l leverage? "If you are a small business owner, you have no greater leverage than the truth" there are financial systems in place that operates on the principle of leverage. Taking advantage of them creates a Ripple effect in your finance and this expands your earnings. You can also design your investments portfolio in such a way that every Kobo or cents you possess works for you. Networking and Network marketing is not a bad idea if perceived to be a vehicle to exercise Leverageability.

Money as a Seed

Every Penny that comes to our hands is a seed. We are husbandmen (farmers) as far as these seeds are concerned... What you do with the seeds determines tomorrow outcome. "Pareto 80/20 principle states that 20% of what you choose not to do counts for 80% of the outcome of your present engagement." Having the consciousness that every Penny that comes to your hand is a seed, You can either decide to plant it so that it will bear more fruits or you can decide to eat them up. But what happens tomorrow is a function of what we do today. No matter the validity of your excuses, it will not change it from an excuse. Why not spread your seeds on many fertile soil and get a portfolio (Basket of investment) rather than eating every harvest you make today.

The ball is in your court.👉🏽

If you hope to have a flowery tomorrow, plant the seeds in your hands today.


"A creditor has a better memory than a a debtor" Debts are sometimes necessary. Especially when we consider expansion or seek to improve our capabilities. I am not speaking about incurable debtors who borrow to waste on frivolities and highmindedness. Let's prevent/restrain ourselves from borrowing trouble through debt if it is not for a productive adventure. The truth is that a man in debt is a man in slavery. To come out of debt, one has to reflect and change his lifestyle it is also a very bad habit to contract new debt to pay old debt.

Fact: 10% of borrowers in the world use debts to get richer while 90% use debt to get poorer

👉🏽 A life of Zero debt should be our goal.

The Goal of Knowledge is for Transformation

What l have shared with you is expected to transform your finances through your deliberate decision to take pragmatic steps at mitigating lacks and deficits.

Solomon who is known to be the wisest man that ever lived happened to also be the wealthiest man in his age so a proper understanding of principles for wealth creation and the wisdom to apply the knowledge you have counts

*_Prayers will not necessarily change finance because Laws and principles guide the affairs of men and not prayers... If prayers makes one rich, the wealthiest man on Earth should have been a pastor or Imam but unfortunately The wealthiest man on earth has Agnostic believe about the universe_*
Thanks for visiting my blog,

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