Gold & Silver In A Stock Market CRASH! - What You Can Do When The Everything Bubble POPS!

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In this video, I talk with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about how individuals can insure their wealth in the inevitable event of a stock market crash, especially with the use of gold and silver.

As we've seen in recent days, it appears the everything bubble worldwide is crashing and burning. It may just be one of the largest global domino collapses in history as the system has been propped up for so long without recovery. The Federal Reserve may attempt to prop it up further, but the more it's centralized and the more the inevitable is avoided, the worse it's going to be when it does come down. Unfortunately the best case scenario is that it crashes completely. With the Dow and S&P seeing weeks it hasn't seen since the Great Depression and very reminiscent (except worse) of 2008, people are terrified and need to know where they can put their money.

Now, we do not give investment advice here at WAM. This is strictly our opinion after studying monetary history. We know as the yield curve inverts in the bond sector, as these bubbles burst, as the banks see all red and are completely bankrupt that the best thing one can do to INSURE their wealth is to have gold and silver.

The gold/silver ratio is peaking once again and it's clear that a bull run is likely in the future, but even more promising is the historical ability for gold and silver to protect your purchasing power against massive collapses, this being the worst.
Alongside gold and silver, properly decentralized and fundamentally useful crypto can be very helpful in this case. Just know it is quite possible many of these things will go down before they climb.

We think that this system is going down faster than the establishment wanted, but we also have reported as far back as 3 years ago that under Trump the Fed could attempt to crash the economy as well in order to blame less government. It's quite possible. People don't understand money or where the problems come from. This needs to change.

Education is important. Responsibility and self sustainability are key. You are individuals not part of a giant collective meant to be used as subservient indebted pawns.

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