Earn $2 in Crypto for FREE! (SOL Airdrop)

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The Solana crypto group is giving away an airdrop on Binance (yuck) it seems so decided to let everyone know that they can visit the link below and recieve $2 or more of this crypto currency for free.

Solana.com Airdrop Link

By clicking the link above and following the instructions you will be eligible for a $2 or more airdrop of the SOL token on binance when the airdrop happens. Not entirely sure how long until the airdrop takes place however you should likely still have lots of time to sign up and make sure you're eligible to get free money.


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I like muneeey :D

  ·  작년

You gibz me muney plz k? :D

chasing $2 airdrop? Huh...

come on LASSECASH, you might make $5 per post!

  ·  작년

You don't even have $5 a day trading volume on that. XD


ahahaha, LASSECASH has the best people and there are buy orders for more LASSECASH then there is avalible.... we just token-swapped into HIVE... goodbye forever STEEM

Bitcoin didnt have a price in 2011... so think bitcoin 2011 when you think about LASSECASH in 2020 :)

Go down with the steem ship if you like...