Money Sovereignty section announcement

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Money Sovereignty section announcement

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I'm making this blog post to let you know that I just added a section Money Sovereignty onto my website. Please click on the links to check it out. I will be adding more pages to this section in the near future. Please check back from time to time. More to come. To give you a taste, some selections from that section are below.


What would you do if you found yourself in a situation like this?

The scenario

Imagine you were in a scenario like this. Imagine you were living in a world where the concepts of freedom and sovereignty were not clearly understood. Maybe this is because there have been in place for millennia insidious systems designed to weaken the will and resolve of the people. Maybe there has been an illusion of freedom with subtle restrictions which become slowly more oppressive over time. Maybe there have been structures leading towards slavery and the noose tightening to more stringent, abject slavery with any avenues of escape being slowly restricted. Maybe this world is filled with restrictive systems so complex that most people don’t even attempt to comprehend it very well. Whatever. It’s your imaginary world that I’m describing. You can picture it in any way that works for you.


Here’s a little aside which may be helpful. It a bizarre phenomenon which we witness. If you put a frog in a shallow pot of hot water, the frog will jump out. If, however, you put a frog into a shallow pot of comfortably warm water, the frog will be happy to stay even though it could jump out. If you slowly heat that pot of water, the frog will be happy to stay as long as there is no moment when the water suddenly gets much hotter. The frog will stay there until the water boils and the frog is cooked to death because the frog never saw any moment when there was a dramatic change. This phenomenon of a frog in heating water is often used to describe how people behave in many situations, and how behavior can be manipulated and controlled.

Imagine you’re in a world where your freedom is slowly being taken from you, by whom you cannot quite pinpoint, and the process of enslavement is too slow to be easily noticed, similar to the frog in the heating water. I’ll describe this imaginary world from a financial perspective because money is associated in most people’s minds in this modern world as being a primary controller. Indeed, I define one’s wealth as one’s freedom (link). I define money as a form of wealth storage. (link) My description of this imaginary world is like this. There are financial systems which are designed to be deceptive. These systems contain structures so complex that you have difficulty when you try to comprehend them. Nonetheless, the financial systems are stealing most of the labor of lifetimes of many people, leaving them with very little to show for a lifetime of work. This is achieved by trickery. For example, money is invented as a storage of wealth. But, money is created by the designers of a system so that the system can slowly take money from you and transfer it to the few who designed the system. Then, currency is created and conflated with money. More complex systems overlay the whole thing to ensnare you more and more. If the current financial paradigm is intended to be deceptive, one part of the deception would be the creation of fiat currency debt rather than sovereign money as well as the conflation of the two.

In such a world, how would you like to move forward? In this game of imagination, you’re free to be creative and play out whatever scenarios occur to you. I’ll present some suggestions, maybe to help you get started. On one hand, there's the possibility of a future with solvency and sovereignty, and, on the other hand, there's the possibility of a future with slavery more complete than is already prevalent, and has been prevalent for millennia.

What one sees will depend on the viewpoint, the point from which one is viewing, the perspective. Viewing from a body, 3D physical perspective, I see slavery and the noose tightening to more stringent, abject slavery. Viewing for a different perspective (I'll call it a spiritual perspective), I see free will prevailing, triumph to the only space which has true power, the heart center.

Who will you be when you unlock your potential?

We are the Love of God, no matter what.
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God is the Meaning of Life...

The Present bears Witness of the Past, and the Future shall make all things Clear...

March 27, 2021... 0.2 Hollywood Time...


Thanks. I've written a bunch of stuff in response to your writing. As I'm writing it, I'm publishing it on my site, and I'm posting announcements here about the new additions to the site. I hope this is helpful to you. When I have a complete thought published, I'll let you know. It will be best to click on the link and read it on my site.


If anyone ever has any questions about my Vision, feel free to send them my way...

I love answering questions...

In my Mind, I found the "one and only" Path back to a Sound Monetary System, and it would actually remain "Stable"...

Naturally, I'm able to see the Entire Puzzle, I was able to Piece together...

That makes it easier for me, when it comes to making Monetary Decisions...

If a Person could Buy 27,500 Mercury Dimes for the same Price as One Bitcoin, which would most People choose...???

March 27, 2021... 21.6 Hollywood Time...