1/19/18. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS! This Is What To Expect Next Week. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Can please give us an update on KMI and the news of dividends increase ? Very much appreciated!

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Do you think this partial government shutdown is a big nothing Burger?

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lol the manipulation is real. my stocks are up big

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I'm about 80% invested at the moment and that normally means a correction is just around the corner :) , I might start lightening up Monday.
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5year chart showing the dollar index might be heading into the deep end of the pool.

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So after all this time telling us to watch the bond market, you're saying now that the bond market doesn't matter anymore? I think this might be a sign that now theres really too many people on one side of the trade. Good luck!

Great post. How you explain the sanity in the insanity is on the money. Thanks for the help.

Borrow @ 0% and pour it into to the only thing going up with room for everyone to play! Easy play!

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I think the crypto mania could be the reason for the next financial crisis ... no point in holding Fiat ... stocks at an absolute ATH .. rather invest in crypto its undervalued


By looking at the long term chart that one could see that it went parabolic, a sign of exhaustion. I think we are very near the blow off top!


yeah i totally agree

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Don't know if you have talked about it, but I think the FISA memo will be the scapegoat to blow up the markets:


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How smart are the people running this levitation show? How can they keep it hitting new high day after day without allowing it to exhale once in a while? What could possibly go wrong?!? Can't wait to see how it unfolds next week.

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Readers should know that these are expectations based on market forecasts and surveys and may not necessarily turn out that way. Thanks for your analytical insights.

It's not a matter of how, its a matter of when this market will be allowed to collapse. Those with an influence over these markets, engineer these market moves in a way to maximize the amount of pain.

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Been watching BND.
I expect a bounce next week before another big capitulation.

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The equity markets are going parabolic! There are two times to make real big gains.. 1) beginning of bull 2) ending of the bull

I believe we're seeing the parabolic stage of the equity markets. It will continue until it doesn't. I'm conservative, but I'm still (for now)

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If you think this continues much longer...there is a fly in the ointment...CHINA...watch.

Truly ,dollar struggle today and bounce back

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Thanks for Post Market Wrap Up. Your prediction are always right.

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"This Teflon market" haha this is pure entertainment! Thank you, I can only hope people are listening to what he's been saying... "Bet against the dollar and become your own central bank..." Thank you, sir

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Dear Greg, what are the best sites to trade stocks?

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