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I am offering you my brief titled: "The One Rule You Must Never Break When Trading Stocks" 100% for free! I hope you take advantage of it.
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Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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Leave emotion at the door when trading!

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Interesting idea.
The portability will allow this group to go where the energy costs are lowest and also to the jurisdictions that are most friendly to its business.
I believe governments will increasingly see cryptocurrencies as a threat and will try to crack down on them.
I'm already reading reports that Chinese miners are moving to Canada.
(I don't think that governments will be successful in banning cryptocurrencies, but they will try nonetheless.)

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Very interesting info. I've been watching for a few months and hadn't seen some of this before. Thanks for elaborating on this topic.

thanks I've used your advice for a few weeks now. Just curious (if you have time to respond) when / what do you look for to decide its time to add to your position or not. At my novice level - I feel its just a guess / gut feel at this point.

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My view is that the crypto space will trigger an enormous amount of creativity in the coming years and we're just scratching the surface of what we'll see.
Significant talent is already moving into crypto and we're in the early innings of the money flowing in as well.
I'm looking for at least 20x gains on my crypto portfolio in 2018.

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