11/10/17. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS! Bond Market Sell Off Worsens. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino has been saying "Watch the Bond Market" Has it started? I listen to Greg Hunter, too. Thanks again, Gregory

You nailed it Greg. I am waiting to see how Monday will unfold

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i resteemed it my friend

I have been watching your website the last couple days. Good job and thank you for putting up such good info. Keep up the good videos. I came here for when you get kicked off youtube lol

Makes you wonder what the next week will bring. It is manipulation and shameful why they can get by with this but it would be tolerated in other situations. I say go hard assets my friend. Thanks again Greg for the update.

Its pretty useful video. Thanks for sharing.

This post its very amazing

Wonderful post and useful video my friend i will support you in all your posts because it's very useful and have beautiful information thank you for sharing it

Good post my brother

It's very useful video my brother amazing blog

It's very useful video my brother amazing blog

Great work my friend 👍

There are major companies having their price fixed, they are called "faang" stocks. No one bats an eyelid anyway.

Nice post well done

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Don't work yourself up over the LBMA, they are just one part of the machinery. Ironically, the LBMA was founded to prevent price manipulation, when the producers of physical gold and silver (mining companies ect) started rioting over artificially supressed prices.
So the banks suggested a "self regulatory" institution - as they always do, before real laws are released that would hinder their fraudulent business. Of course they made sure that the majority of the board member in the LBMA are their own puppets, and the producers side is the minority.
All they do basically, is to cement the prices to about the level that wall street dictates anyway. Twice a day for gold, and once for silver. I never pay much attention to them.

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Beautiful publication

Key indicators on a lot of markets point to a major correction.


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