12/11/17. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS! Don't Do THIS With Bitcoin, Gold, Or Silver. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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great update thanks for sharing up voted+ resteemed

cool information .thanks @marketreport .upvoted+resteeemed.

good information @marketreport

stock market is a good place of investment up voted+resteemed

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Thanks again, Gregory. Resteemed and UV as always. BYOCB

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Always your posts resteem:)

Currently stock market popularity is increasing day by day.
sorry to late. resteened done dear @marketreport.

amazing video..super

Totally agree the only way to hold the metals is to own the Physical, cheers mike

i want to invest in stock market too...thanks for information
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wow helpfull video


Greg, thank you, for the info and we did upvote and resteem for all to see

Great information thanks for sharing

Markets are really crazy in last few years. But you have to know what's going on every single time, just to use that information the right way. And you're very good at this. I already re-steemed this video

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good contant friend .now resteemed this friend @marketreport

good info as usual greg, upvote resteemed, i am not sure everyone knows that jp morgan holds hundreds of paper certificates to every 1oz of physical? so there is only one way to hold it like you say and in my opinion.

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Thanks for the updates!!!

i think it is very good contant . thanks for sharing @marketreport . @resteemed

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Resteemed. Bet against BTC? Hell to the no! PM's will have their day, just have to hold tight and accumulate at these fire sale prices!

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Thank You have a great night


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Thanks for sharing and good work as always.
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Great update. upvoted and resteeme @marketreport.

Greg, I follow you on YouTube now Steemit. I sat on a trading desk for 20 plus years. For a young dude you have a very good understanding of markets. This old dude would estimate that I agree with you about 98% of the time. Good luck and keep it coming.


I am old my friend, 52. Thanks. I work very hard at this.


I know you work very hard. I've been there and done that. People would be shocked if they knew how much effort goes into your reports. By the way I'm 73.


Which trading floor did you work?


My terminology may have misled you due to my age and number of years out of holding a Series 7. When I said "trading desk" I was referring to my desk where I traded retail and was a "market maker" in a dozen or so OTC issues. I started with Merrill (4.5 yrs), then Paine Webber (3 yrs) and later a large Regional house.

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Rip the face off the Confederacy of Dunces!!!
Rip the face off BTC!!!
Rip the face off Wall Street!!!

Most people can't walk and chew gum at the same time and they don't have two functioning brain cells to understand the transition phase that we're in.

A call to all lionesses to keep on sending your flirty selfies to Greg the Lion! PornCoin maybe? Hahahahaha! Will Wall Street manipulate that???

may i resteem your post?

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keep it up


thank you

Fantastic post marketreport.

Nice post. As to silver, take a look at what the silver mining stocks HL, CDE, WPM and AG did today. Interesting action IMHO.

Nice post,thanks for your update.Keep it up.

Very good my friend

Pry them from my cold, dead hands...............

you are giving financial advice so that who want to short bitcoin not to do it? let them do it. :))

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