12/4/17. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: STOCK MARKET, EXTREME CAUTION ADVISED! By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Thanks Gregory, for today's report. How about Ethereum & Litecoin? cnbc ugh.

I hope your right about the metals greg they could do with a bit of help at the moment, thanks mike ps just resteemed

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How do you "troll" Gregory Mannarino? By not listening to him and losing money... "Tax Reform" driving the markets haha

thanks for the informationb

"I scare myself." Spot on! Polar opposite is key. These markets are scary in themselves and as you've always said they are propped up. Where are they gonna take the dow? 30K plus? It's time for a correction but with all the behind closed doors digital printing and disbursement of that fiat right back into this padded system ....hell we may never see it...... bullshit, it'll be like a thief in the night.


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Greg, you will be banned from YouTube ! (LOL) I totally agree: CNBC = Sub Morons !!!!!!!!

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Planning to get my feet wet later this week or next. Thanks for everything

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Rip the face off the orgasmic CNBC puppets!
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Rip the freaking face off the rigged system.
Rip the face off the next meltdown!!!

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Greg, you're the man. I laughed so hard at that one video where you had a picture of Janet Yellen on the whiteboard :-D

The real problem is rising inflation while the debt markets are being artificially suppressed. Cryptocurrency represents a viable solution to the system in my opinion.


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you mean cnbc the comedy channel?

Tnx for your prediction. I sold Nasdaq index on Friday, trading in CFD, saved me some money:).

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"🎵🎵 we're in the money, Mr. Hat"

Thank you Sir :-)

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Can you share the number to the CNBC fux please?! LOL

Ride the market or get out now. Eyyyeeyyaaaa. What's a girl to do?

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