12/8/17. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: #FAKEMARKETS. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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fearing that GM is spreading crypto fud (fear uncertainty disinformation). if cryptos are not for someone, then someone should stay away. cryptos are a bullet train that does not look back


FUD? No. I have called Bitcoin 100% correctly. Perhaps you do not understand that there is risk.

You're the man Mannarino!


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Really enjoyed your video and the call to action Gregg! I'm new to Steemit but this type of content is exactly what I was hoping to find. I will be looking forward to reading your work in the future! And yes, I already resteemed it!

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Thanks again, Gregory. I hear ya. Resteem & BYOCB


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Thanks Greg, video is great as usual.
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Resteemed! Can't wait to hear your gameplan for the #FakeMarkets for next week!

I've resteemed this video.
I will post the #FAKEMARKETS at MarketWatch.com. MarketWatch.com is a propaganda site for the Wallstreet Banks and Central Banks. Investors need to know the Economic Truth of the Financial System. We need to save them from the Central Bank "Matrix".
God Bless You and Your Family

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Greg, you got a home run with this one, and we upvoted and resteemed for all to see

It has been a rather uneventful day today and as for gold rigging i feel like it should be more than $10,000 if it was not for rigging i'm glad that you have taken the imputes to write to the CFTC. #FAKEMARKETS


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Thanx you dear @marketreport for sharing.


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ReSteemed! Check out the #FakeMarkets hashtag on twitter and facebook!

thanks for the amazing interesting video


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one more superb video.thanks@marketreport

Thank you for the wrap up and have a great weekend.


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Resteemed #FAKEMARKETS. Gregory, I always upvote and resteem. I just don't comment much.

Thx Greg! Resteemed as usual

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Thanks Greg for another week of great financial news.

All the crypto exchanges have different prices for all the cryptos with huge differences between them.

Some people trade exchanges by buying on one exchange and selling on another.
Examples--> https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/#markets

Over $2000 difference between some exchanges for 1 Bitcoin so a lot of money to be made by buying, transferring and reselling and same goes for all coins and tokens.

******Resteemed as requested*******.


Incredible. Why such large spreads?


Seems to depend on which country the exchange is located. Insanity but that's crypto. Much better when the decentralised exchanges come and kick the ass of the likes of Coinbase and Kraken who take a cut of everything. Etherdelta https://etherdelta.com is the 1st decentralised exchange trading only Ether based tokens.

Resteemed, buddy! I was also thinking that instead of saying "goodbye", "cheers", etc, to start saying "term limits"

So until next time, Term Limits

Completely agree and resteemed

Okay I wanna resteem it. Good video man. I agree with you.

#fakemarkets Yes it's all faked and rigged and while metals are low YOU better be buyin' what you can afford. In the end the AI will need all the silver it can get to expand and grow...................

Re-steeming #FAKEMARKETS to all of my 700+ followers at your direction Brother Greg!
Spread the word / Keep the faith !! Taking this post to Discord as well!

I need my (albeit short) stack of bullion to be more than a stepstool to rest my posterior on! ~WAHOOOOO!~*

  • BITCOIN = P.O.N.Z.I. ! Believe it - it's rolling over SOON!!

www.traderschoice.net all day long!
The Robinhood of Wall Street is @marketreport on F.I.R.E. !!
Good Times on tha Steemit . . .

Rock On . . .

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Amazing like all other posts.... you are superb

Woow thats excillent..resteem and upvote

Greg, Great video as usual. Dumped 1/2my bitcoin on Thursday. Excited about the futures in bitcoin. I loved your comment about a sideways market and making 20%. I love high flier and movers like TSLA, AMZN, Et all that pay me similar every week 15-30%. Hoping to similar results with bitcoin futures and bitcoin options.Upvoted and resteemed


I'm enjoying the cheap metals and rising cryptos.

Thanx for the updates!!!

Fakemarket is not simply an hastag.
It is the perfet description of our over-hyped and ultra manipulated markets.
Only central banks are keeping up the show... but how long will it continue? We are running on the hedge of colapse

we are living very very interesting times

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Thanks Greg,and have a great weekend.

Saw the sky, saw the river, saw many stars .. today and steemite who are my real friends ... !!

thanks a lot for sharing

Lynette Zang has done some interesting research into the history of crypto currencies and their connection to the NSA (National Security Agency) and our government. Be sure to bring this up with her, Greg.

Nice video

there pushing bitcoin all the way to $100,000
they are going to fracture into smaller and smaller bits
as the price goes up, people will follow what is popular

I am listening late but thank you for sharing the good info Greg.

Beautiful Post well done

fantastic post

God bless you for sharing this wonderful business info...

helpful video man..thanks

So cool!!
Nice view!!!

Anyone notice Steem Dollars today @ $7.69.
Great time to trade your Steem $ to Steem Power.

thank you very much i aporeciate your video blog..

Fantastic post

Greg you are spot on in regards to the Bitcoin Futures. heres what I posted on my blog.
The Bitcoin community believes the CFTC approval will give Bitcoin legitimate status as a currency.
Question: Why has the Banksters and CFTC have a change of heart in regards to Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is the only market that the Central Banks are unable to manipulate, but on December 18th, 2017 that will change.
Bitcoin will have the same price manipulation just like Gold & Silver prices since 1971.
The Central Banks will not tolerate any competition to their worthless Fiat Currencies.
Note: It is estimated that Gold & Silver Investors have lost over a $1 Trillion to the Banksters in the Gold & Silver Futures market since 1971.

#FAKEMARKETS - Greg, is it possible for me to re-steem your videos without using any steem? I have been trying to post and earn steem for months now but have not been able to earn very much so far. I watch all of your videos and am 100% on board with starting this movement. I wrote to the SCC about the gold fix and I also wrote to CNBC to have them put you on as a guest (lol). Anyway, I am here to help and just wanted you to know I can't resteem because I am steem poor. Thanks for all you do man. - John

i am waiting for your every blog..✌👌👌

Nice post thank for sharing sir

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Thanks greg.. as usual your analysis is awesome..

i follow your all blog video..

Sir, I have seen your video first. It is very good to be seen first. I have written a lot of things. I appreciate your video. I hope I get all the videos in the future.

The markets are 100% fake.
I was watching a interview with Rob Kirby yesterday. And what he says matches up with what you are saying as well. All the bond buying we have seen the past weeks are coming from dark pools with money printed out of thin air.
According to Rob, it exist enough dollars to cause hyperinflation already. They are just not in circulation.
Not to mention the obvious price rigging of precious metals. #FAKEMARKETS

Nice post

Nice video

You have made people Mannarino

learning & halpfull video..like it

Thanks Greg: I missed the boat on the stock market and BitCoin, but invested in physical metal after 2008 and preparing for the next 2008 that comes along.

I dont know if it means anything, but the site I use to check metal prices - http://www.goldseiten.de/kurse/index.php -is not showing any new LBMA fixes since the 4th anymore.

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