2/20/18. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS! A Possible Warning From The Bond Market. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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It is a lovely DAY! thanks Gregory
Teeter-totter BOND Market
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great article

Your information make me happy

Thx Greg.

33% gain! That is massive! Profit taking is very important even in the crytpo market. Always good to have money waiting on the side to go back in when the markets have a quick red day followed by green


upvote, comment & resteem..... i like your every post............

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It all looked fine to start with ...... Until the BND sell off!

i am happy to always see your all updates on market


In terms of the bubble chart, i feel like this is where we are:

I worry this could be the start of something dramatic, but we shall see


You can very well be right on this .. Lets see the coming days..


Morgan Stanley says the correction we had in early February was "just an appetizer". I don't know though the trump tax cuts seem to be boosting more than hurting


Well.. Seems like it all restarted down the last hour yesterday ..


its interesting to watch, I just wrote a post this morning saying the market it on edge.

nice greg for share this new updates on market like always

Interesting day today!


Yess , he is Robin Hood ! :)

Roller Coaster Ride!


Bond market is obviously under pressure!

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greg sir your work is good sir to give us daily new newses

i alwasy like your work for all your followers and all steemians who see your posts

thanx sir your market reports and news are wonderfull work for me and help me always

good to see you and thanx sir for share this update

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t is a lovely DAY! thanks Gregory
Teeter-totter BOND Market Place your BETS..

Thanks for sharing information keep it up
God bless you
Hope you will share more

very interesting information bro @marketreport

very good post sr i always waiting your posts thanks for sharing.

Oh! Great information dear. Your video really always impressed me. Very informative video for us. It is very helpful as a crypto user and steemian.
I also subscribed your youtube channel.

Wow a possible crash tomorrow? I turned on my twitter notifications for you. lol


Some art work for my heroGregory Mannarino the RobinHood of wall street @upvoted and @resteemed27650781_1791144104229516_515622731_o.jpg

Your posts are very interesting especially for me who is
still a beginner and I have to learn more do you want to be a
teacher for m

Trading is exciting when you can easily sport a good and profitable setup or you have a constant reliable support. Thanks

He is Robin Hood !

Looks like someone cashed into some one fear. It happens same way in crypto. Many whales sit ready to buy when every start selling due to fear.

Thanks for post Robin Hood !

Volatility it up

Looking at the crypto charts compared to the markets, I'm not fully convinced yet the cryptos are being perceived as a measure of risk. I think some might see it as a safe haven (ie. market down today but bitcoin up). I guess time will only tell.

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Thanks for sharing this important information. Always keeping us updated!

Thanx for the update Gregory. Bond market is the leading indicator....


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Thanks for your updates.

wow very excellent post sir

Thanks for the edification. I'm glad I didn't get back in today as I couldn't see a clear direction. Upvoted and resteemed.

I like watching gold along with bonds. If both go up I look for the safety play. Great job Greg and thanks again.

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post. And follow you..In terms of the bubble chart, i feel like this is where we are:

very excellent steemit post

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Been following you for a while and never been steered wrong.Loving every minute of it.

International Tug of War day! Really? lol

Great art work as usual my friend! Keep up the great work! Well done!

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Profit taking is very important even in the crytpo market.......that is massive....nice post....

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"That is The Hard Truth..."

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