2/7/18. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS! We Are On The Wrong Side Of The RED LINE. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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caused my stocks to drop on the day I needed to sell for crypto's.
I am getting out of the Stock Market before the MELT DOWN!

Thank you Greg!

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Yea Gregory, just like watching a Koala.jpg"Days of our Lives" soap

Upvoted. Interesting days in the Chinese proverb sense.

thanks for the update keep providing valuable information to us.
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thats pretty cool to know... thanks for sharing.
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Thank you for the video sir!

Thank you for the great video sir.

Great analysis Gregory Mannarino. Keep it up.

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Let it go down!!!!!!!!! Reset!!!!!!!!!

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hey grego am glad you enjoyed your day .

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We're in a Soviet-style managed economy now.

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Market whipsaw!! Love your choice of words Greg... and yet another expert confirms the Bond market is in a bubble! Greg said it first ;)

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Thanx for the update sir!!! Fine work as always!!!
Bond action driving the market....
Rate hikes on temp hold..... yup.
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Upvoted! @marketreport I think today was another shakeout of the weak hands and the institutions are scaling in their long positions. From here I see the dollar and the 10 year yield falling and the markets and the cryptos going, up in my opinion.

The Stock Market will begin to Mirror the Crypto Markets. We ALL better get used to this insane volatility. This will get Day trades to head to the slaughter house on their own.... Wow2-plus-2.jpg

Greg, why does the government and the news media keep saying that the economy is sound? Everything is propped up on monetary expansion. I am sickened by this nonsense.

you are right sir market is pretty up and down, but this budget deal around 3 billion is suspicious, hope president should take a polite solution, and as you clear up in the priceless video, the debt is a liability and its raising every movement, ultimately we are which paying more.
lol, expression sir, out of in the air, all credit yours.
this is an extreme point that we are the most debt country in the whole world, and your awareness should create more pressure on the white house. hope there is happen no meltdown, stey blessed you Sir, steem on

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thats pretty cool to know.
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Beat down metals while you accumulate.

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Thank You Greg. Love how you breakdown the markets everday.

I agree with you about the bond buying but I doubt they're gonna tell us about it this time. They've been doing it all along and are probably just going to keep doing it till the wheels fall off. Announcing that they'd buy bonds again would be a huge confidence issue in the fed.

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Japan has pretty much adopted bitcoin as a national currency...Japan making long term moves!! Their Yen is holding up too.

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He is Robin Hood

THanks for the great analysis. will be watching bond market

Was really crazy day. Hope spy comes through for us all tomorrow. Upvoted and resteemed.

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i saw the bond market falling on you site !

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Yes 300 Billion of more debt out of thin air!!!! Maybe we should change the country name to United Slaves of America haha

your post always great and interesting for me and this is great one but i don't want to say about your post topic.... best of luck...

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I'll trade my ocean front property in Arizona for that Brooklyn bridge, LOL. 😂😂😂

Not sure where you received your financial education but you are spot on and now a daily must watch. T hanks for your keen insights, am very impressed with your news and ideas.

Gregory, do you think the market will have a dead cat bounce over the next couple of weeks?

Hey Gregory, TDamer had my acct screwed up today so I missed the buy for SPY Ap Call earlier.....is it still a go, or should I just wait it out for your next buy. Thanks for all you do.(of coarse upvoted)Koala.jpg

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Your analysis is excellent. There is probably a 10yr yield that will crash this market. I believe it would have to be some point higher than the 30yr thereby inverting the yield curve. A few months of an inverted curve should trigger the crash. Don't know when or if we will get there.

good information..thanks for.sharing..

Stop the madness!!!

Upvoted! @marketreport I think today was another shakeout of the weak hands and the institutions are scaling in their long positions

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Learning post Greg

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