2/8/18. Post Market Wrap Up Plus: WHERE'S THE CASH GOING! By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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All I can say is if the Money Boys want my precious metals, they are going to have to pay dearly!

I want to see the DOW down another 1000 but don't be to surprised if it goes down 2000


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Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted, and Resteemed. I don't know where the cash went. I would have bought all the physical silver.

Hopefully it will head towards the metals, thanks

If Trump took credit for the market going up, why isn’t he taking blame for the market’s nosedive?

This was a great report. Thanks for posting it.


Market is crushing and it's really a bad news.


Greay analysis Gregory Mannarino

Cash is going towards flowers, chocolates and restaurants for Valentines Day


Haha nice, I think the cash was never there to begin with, the stock market seems pretty fake as is. Otherwise it's just in cash, otherwise where would it be?

As always, thx.

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another lovely day of hide and seek the money
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Looks good.

What a sell off!


They killed it right to the close and then followed up with heavy buying right after the close.

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Hi Greg,
I have never thought to watch bonds or other assets or markets for money flow.
Thats what i like about trading, i always seem to learn something.
I also seem to break the lessons i have previously learnt but thats another story.
Thanks for the post.

Thank you Mr. Robin Hood!

An interesting report, Gregory.

So what, market just corrected!


It’s tough to know how long this down-phase will last. My best guess is until May. That’s when we’ll have the big industry conference called Consensus.

The Consensus conference has typically been a period when we’ve seen a lot of new big money enter the space. In the coming days, I’ll go into what I think will be a big announcement at Consensus that will drive the crypto market’s next up-phase.

For now, be patient with the market. And remember how the tech space acted between 1990–2000. Every pullback&—no matter how steep or how long&—was followed by higher highs. I expect the same to be true in cryptos for many years to come.

Exactly what Zang was asking. All this money not appearing any where. Bonds, gold, dollar, crypto. Must be some very healthy bank accounts.
first one


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A great report Thanks for sharing it
I wish you all the best

Hey @marketreport that is really good job.....good news sharing.i am your big follower alltime following you post..carry on your activity.........that is appreciated your post boosted........overall resteemit and upvote successfully done

Hey @marketreport that is really good job.....good news sharing.i am your big follower alltime following you post..carry on your activity.........that is appreciated your post boosted........overall resteemit and upvote successfully done

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Thanks for information Mr Robin Hood !!!

Nice post Mr Robin Hood

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Gregory, I believe the market is being played by the heavy hitters, due to the political climate in the US, and Worldwide. They are trying to make a statement, that they control the markets, and only them. This is to hurt Trump and all the patriots worldwide. There is so much going down behind the scenes that MSM won't tell us about, it'll make your hairs curl. Be careful out there, and watch where the money flows. Thanks Gregory

Woow it' s delicious. Thanks information and sharing

Great video, I have resteemed it..
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Where's the cash? Where's waldo? Could there be a correlation?
Thanx for the update Gregory
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I wonder where all that cash will go next?

keep it up.hope everyone like to benefit on this.thank you

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Good question, I was wondering the same thing. Where is the cash going.

Hard selloff into the last second before the close then instant big buying right after the market close.

NVDA now up $25 after hours on earnings.

The wicked selloff maybe a bear trap. See tomorrow. Gap up should cause a lot of buying. Not to say the move down is over, but develop into a bull trap in coming sessions. Or just get down to the 200 test straight away. But why not a bull trap before that just for kicks!


Where is the cash?
Ask Simon Parkes

good post...
again resteemit dear

Where is the cash?
Ask Simon Parkes

Thanks for the update! Gregory, you always do a great job seeing the angles in the market, before the mainstream catches on

great post bro. thanks for posting it. have a nice day

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Greg check the FEDS balance sheet.

am going to see your vedio thank you friend


It's a really wild market to call but the dollar and bonds haven't moved too much. Seems like they still have a degree of control, for now...

Well, when I went to cash a check a couple of weeks ago, the bank almost ran out of money. The teller was scrambling for bills. The bank nearly ran out of cash. Not the first time that happened.

Don’t trade till market shows some direction. It’s the deep state threating Trump with the market tanking unless he gives Dems Doca. It’s a negotiating tool for the deep state.

Bout Time!!! Great info....A Robin Hood of WallStreet!!


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Hey @marketreport that is really good job.....good news sharing.i am your big follower alltime following you post..carry on your activity.........that is appreciated your post boosted........overall resteemit and upvote successfully done
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Is Gregory going to be holding on to that SPX trade during the weekend or not. So three possible outcomes
1 Gregory hold it for the weekend and and sweating bullets.
2 Sells it with a win :)
3 Sells it with a lose :(
My guess is he holds it. What's your guess?

some art work for you sir27605514_1789924167684843_684383788_o.jpg

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Very useful, thank you for sharing with us

It's going into the bond market!

Great analysis ,i appriciate your video

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This was a great report.

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It went into Bitcoin Cash

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Well and thanx @marketreport for give your reviews and share analysis and your always helpful post on stock is great work

Cash is being held. The wise are waiting for their next move. No hastening to move at this point. Back to you.

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thank for sharing.

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Hi! Gregory Mannarino, I see your recent updates on steemit..... thanks for share with us. @upvoted this post.

The Central Bankers are mad at Trump for something and are sending him a message? Upvoted and resteemed.

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This is amazing. You are king.

Upvoted. Yes the money is just sitting quietly on the sidelines waiting for a good price to come back in. Hopefully it will be a 2008 style drop before that happens.

Great report! thanks for helping to the next step.

great post sir.@resteem

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Good post hope some one finds the cash and soon. Thought I saw a big bag on the way home from work. I'll check it on my way back tomorrow. Lol

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Its god gifted Its so amazing ........................

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Bitcoin are now crash in next month

I believe it's in cash, waiting to jump into cryptos!

Fantastic video

so they did not went to cash, they went to commercial bank money, basically digits in the money market funds.

The cash is under my mattress.

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Will see what happens next!!!!!
Thank you for the report Gregory.

Thank You Greg, great post.

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thank you for your information ..

NOT buying gold/silver NOW will prove to be the mistake of a lifetime.

Money may come to Tump 's home!!HaHa!!

Hah. I was wondering the exact same thing. My guess is probably the dollar and gold at the same time so neither move. Then after the tightrope between hyperinflation and economic winter has been walked, interest rates up high enough to buy up lots of foreclosed property for pennies on the dollar.

Great market breakdown! hopefully this binance issue does not make it worst

Hello Greg,
I believe that your government is using the stock market as thier Bank. If there is an entity capable of managing and manipulating the stock market, that entity most definitely has the ability to profit from it.
That's why i always mention the PPT.
4 trillion dollars gone Greg, Who profited? Remember, your current president is a business man above all else. He knows exactly how to get the dough.

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why would the cash have to be going anywhere if its the cabal manipulating the market , they are only digital 1's and 0's anyhow , where is the cash coming from on the buyers side , the large drops will only benefit the elite through derivatives, insider trading rewards and other un for seen tools of these criminals trade , I'm sure if anyone can find the missing cash it will be you Greg , you are a legend , keep up your selfless work

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Wonderful stocks

Yo this is the BIG one!

I suspect the cash is going to the United States Treasury. ;)

This is what happens when Dopey loses his, uhm....'stuff'.

The DOW ended Thursday down more than 1,000 points. The stock market is officially in a correction, defined as a 10% decline from its most recent high. Price broke through weekly demand at 24,100. There is more weekend demand at 23,300. However, I anticipate the DOW to close the week lower on Friday because nobody want to put on new positions going into the weekend.

If the next weekly demand is broken, look for price to go down to the monthly demand at 22,000 (represented by the yellow rectangle). Monthly demand and supply zones tends to be stronger than weekly demand and supply zones.

Not only has the DOW erased all the gains for 2018, but the DOW is in the process of closing below the December 2017 low of 23,936 as well.

The last time this happen was back in July of 2015, in which the DOW dropped another 2,500 points afterwards. The markets are still fairly strong as indicated by low unemployment, higher job wages and increased interest rates, so I don't anticipate another 2,500 point drop. What we are experiencing is a healthy pull back in a market that was over extended.

For a deeper explanation of why the Markets are correcting, look out for my next Wall Street Secrets Revealed post next week.

This post is my personal opinion. I’m not a financial advisor. Do your own research before making investment decisions. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept full responsibility of any gains or losses.

I would guess investors are in a wait and see mode before buying back in. It will be interesting if the market jumps up after P Trump's meeting with Globalist Henry Kissinger today. Upvoted and resteemed

I have been looking to see if there was a correlation between the cryptos and stock market and loved to hear your thoughts towards it. I am still waiting to see some action happen on the cryptos and if we will see another massive move up like we have seen in the past especially if this market correction turns out to be much larger than anticipated.