4/11/18. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: Do Not Believe ANYTHING! Its ALL A LIE. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Thank You, Gregory, for the leadership, Upvoted, and Resteemed.

Informative post sir

Don't believe your lying eyes.

Greg, Thanks for the insight. resteemed and upvoted. Look at this chart I shared with my followers. We have been range bound for 3 weeks now with large intraday moves... keep the good work..

Thank You Greg,

Market is rigged.

That's a nice post.Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the market rapup, upvoted and resteemed!

WooHoo another lovely day.......
Tough market
Thanx for the update!!!!

They will knock silver and gold back down. Gold hit 1364 today already down to 1352. They will dump lots of paper gold on the market and bring it down to the bottom of it's trading range as they have done over and over.

I agree, I think the volatility is only going to get worse in the coming days and weeks especially with the geopolitical issues going on. In anycase it's still a great time to buy gold and silver.

thanks for sharing your experiences

Greg, Once again a spot on post. Syria is all about competing oil pipelines and protecting the Petro Dollar.

Thanks Greg for clarifying this issue, I don't just know some people's problems

The previous 3 accusations of Assad using gas were found to be false. Assad isn't a "nice guy" by our standards, but after we forced Saddam Hussein out of power and replaced his regime with Sharia Law, over 200,000 Christians fled IRAQ to SYRIA under Assad because it was SAFER for them. So our regime changes have been devastating to the ME. Furthermore we got into the Viet Nam war over a FALSE ISSUE. Basically we went into the Viet Nam war because the equivalent of a fishing boat attacked a naval warship.
Upvoted and resteemed.

Hey look a squirrel! Thanks Greg.


keep the good work..

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money money.goid to see on this. keep it up

Fake markets. Fake fake fake.