(ALERT VIDEO). Bonds Plunge. Is This The Beginning Of Something Big? By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Its gotta tank soon !.


very nice video the market crash

very nice video the market crash but the best time to hold crepto


Not a bad time to hold / stack shiny metal too!!!!

first, everything under pressure


Under Pressure..... ♪♫ Queen song........ :-)


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Don't worry we got Greg !



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Thanks again, Gregory, for your work and keeping us informed. Upvoted, Resteemed.

Something is very strange I look forward to watching your end of day rap up video. Cheers mike

Greg, we did Upvote and Re Steem for all to see

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Popcorn ready

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a nice video really


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Right now crypto market is very down. Thanks for your updates.

Crypto market boss.

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right in our face! not much else to say about this circus act... except upvoted and Resteemed


Great report, thank you.

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marketreport sir you give me always true infromtaion and opinions thanx sir for this

Things are strating to heaten up. Bonds plunging that much is a really big deal but still anything can happen and patience is must.your posts are always informative and good. Thanks.

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Very useful video..It seems that market is unstable and as you said something big is going to happen..I hope it will improve soon..Thanks for information @ Mr Robinhood of market.

Bond prices is decreasing day by day. i think it’s because of cryptocurrency.its mean in cryptocurrency will be great platform in future.thank you rabin hood sir.

Great video, thank you!

ooo that's will be the bad news for the investors like this can't do the trading, thank you for latest update @marketrepor you are the best market repoter keep it up

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Nothing makes sence at the moment , sell sell sell
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Hi! Gregory Mannarino, I see your recent updates on steemit..... thanks for share with us. @upvoted this post.@resteem

very informative and useful post.
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WoW friggin WoW.......
This could be the start of something BIG.
Buckle up bithches..... might be turbulence ahead
Thanx for update!!!!!!

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Cryptos are down because of news that bitcoin may be banned soon in India and because of continuing worries over Tether. It is not an unexplained drop as suggested in this video.


Thanx.... good info.... will keep my eyes on that


nice post.
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Wow it is getting ugly!

The charts look to me as if large bond holders are exiting in an orderly fashion, one at a time. Thanks, Greg.

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Great post of crypto ..
Carry on dear..

Thanks for your great analysis! Shocking but quite hopefull.

Even if there is a pullback of some sort, It will continue going to the moon or else. Trump is playing the game, he's not flipping the table over...

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Greg, I couldn't access this video from your site--yesterday's wrap up is still posted.

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Now its starting to get very interesting, almost regret selling my FAZ. But I do have some QID April calls for very cheap.
But metals being lower that's just plain weird!

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I just completed an accounting of all my physical precious metals on hand. I only started stacking after Trump's election so my stash isn't that big. But I'm looking forward an interesting year.

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great information

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Sure seems like it buddy ,thanks for the update will look into it !

So much for the six stooges arrested for spoofing on Monday. JP slammed metals again this am.
You're right. They operate above and beyond any laws and in a sociopathic / psychopathic manner. There will never be enough for them. If you have $300 in your bank account, they want it. Worse, they feel they deserve it.

Great news sir,thanks for sharing this

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The fed controls the market with inflation and deflation. They know how to trigger the highs and they know the lows. The bankers have been buying the lows up since the french revolution when the Rothschilds bought up England. At the moment they see that they are at the high and now they are unloading the dog shit!

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The bond market selling off, okay, where does the cash go?
a. sitting in cash? with the dollar collapsing not much play in that
b. foreign currency? certainly no evidence of that
c. metals/ commodities? Nope
d. Real Estate? no evidence of that
e. Stock market? apparently not

So, if there is no "money heaven" who's holding all the loot?


nice post and good info

Things are getting interesting. Let´s see what happens.

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Thank for your tips on crypto , actually this information is very useful ..

nice video


Bond Sell Off continues...


Crypto's being influenced by Big Money participants.

See this as a crypto buying gift from God!

Amazing analysis. Thanks.

I'm not very happy with the markets situation either. Buy gold, silver and crypto while it's cheap and available... Upvoted and Resteemed!


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The charts at traderchoice.net does not work for me - they are just loading all the time...the same for anyone else?

I'm in the proccess of selling some stocks, so i'd like the stock market to inflate a bit more. Upvoted and resteemed.

Yes. A half an hour market correction.

I think your video is beneficial to all especially who are in into stock market trading and crypto trading. It's actually very good video and I appreciate that you shared your thoughts and insights in this subject.

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Nice work man

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It's a bizarre situation...where is the money going? It doesn't just sit there...8262353C-8D01-484C-A694-64CA2E168950.png

very nice video the market crash