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On LIVE TV, CNBC, Wall Street icon Leon G. "Lee" Cooperman hedge fund manager (over $3.5 billion in assets) called the bond market A BUBBLE!

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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The bond market is in the bubble of all bubbles. It has been in a bull market for 30 years. How it has held up this long is a miracle. One day it will correct and come crashing down. When that happens, watch out. It is going to get nasty. Real nasty. I hope everyone has become their own central bank at that point.

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Bond Market blows up on Friday into next week.
Watch Crypto's tank.
Buy, buy, buy...

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Did anyone , including Greg, sell the longs? The bitcoin going down again and treasury yields creeping up the last hour.

If you look back at 2008, you'll see significant drops then recoveries in the stock market every two weeks. This will happen over the next year. Thanks for the share Greg!

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well, I guess it's true now since "they" say.


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Yes, the bond market is in a bubble, but so are all the other markets! So the crash, when it comes, could be from anyone of these.

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It's only a matter of time before it all bursts. Upvoted

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It is not! They are just deceiving us not to hodl. Thanks for the post

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Its easy to call something bubble at THIS point

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People have argued that the volatility we have seen the past two days was a result of leveraged bond investments. Still, leveraging anything could shake up any market if done on a large enough scale. Appreciate the post, thanks for sharing!

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No matter how much they try to Lynch it out.this crypto market will become bigger as the days passes by.people around the globe are miffed with the central banks & their arrogant behaviour.soon the decentralised currency will be the in the big bull of the economics.


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OMG. Economic bubbles everywhere...


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The market is sure stable and seems like good news in the way!

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Well are we headed down again, time will tell 2.5 hours left in trading anybody short out there?

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Everything is rigged.

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Play some bubble music for the debt bubble

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I can't believe they didn't lose the feed...kinda like when the markets "break"...

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@marketreport Buen post, excelente lo del apoyo con donaciones a sigue asi.

i dont understand this bubble concept.. @marketreport i think we should be focussing on its betterment rather than making it complex with different concepts

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That yield on the JGB says it all...