Bitcoin, Crypto, Now Join The Ranks Of Wall Street Rigging. By Gregory Mannarino

4년 전

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I made several public warnings that once the Bitcoin futures exchanges started trading, Bitcoin would follow the futures lower- and now Bitcoin is nearly cut in half since that time... Gregory Mannarino

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Just let them try to do the same to Steem.

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Your warning was worth it and it gone a long way to shape the system, I personally from your last post saw it coming despite being new in the system. Thanks so much for the insitive view.


Awesome post

Thanks so much for these warnings. They were quite helpful in deciding what to do.

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Well said Greg...

Your most recent VBlog on Your website has Your Excellent "BIG" Picture thoughts shared...

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nice post about money

Robin hood is real!

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You nailed it.

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thanx you sir for share this update

Thank you for your astute observations.

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That was a good foresight on your part. Some of your followers may have taken it seriously.

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I have talked to more investment bankers who quietly admit that their clients are dying to invest in Bitcoin, but they are not allowed to help them do so. Bitcoin futures has almost nothing to do with what the Blockchain technology is all about. It amazes me how little people in the financial industry know about it.

I think the bond market is about to drop big time.

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Nice post sir !!! is best websites to get charts and information about stocks & cryptos
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Yes you did! Thx for the warnings. Is there a price or time to get back in?
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I hope that cryptos are not under their control

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We trust you Greg, thanks for the heads up! We just won't sell because this thing has so much farther to go! Keep em coming dude!

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that will be a big problems for the invester and the traders hope for good m. thank you for your kind information @marketreport

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Wonderful post sir.

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Yes, I totally agree with you. The value for bitcoin and other crypt-currencies have been decreasing.

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Maybe Jamie was on to something or part of it?




Credit Default Swap explained:

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Wall street can't do this forever...upvoted

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Today was a black day for the markets...

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bitcoin was destroyed today

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True, but I'm thinking that the cryptos (and their investors) might learn something from this moving forward and clean up their act (hopefully!)

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What was going on today in crypto? :D

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You did. Constantly saying the current price would follow the futures because of the rigging.... And you were right!

Nice Post

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Yeah, you warned us Greg, should have listed to you. Now I have to pay the price and be even poorer for next few months

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Hopefully this will be allot better than the hours of wasted time in Facebook and waiting for Google and YouTube to pay content creators for what we do.

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You're a victim of the rigging Greg. I feel bad for you. :( You should start powering down now and maybe get an SBD or two. I really should have told you sooner. I just figured it out a couple days ago.

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