Do Not Bet Against Bitcoin! By Gregory Mannarino

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As we all know Bitcoin is now being traded on the futures markets, and it seems like there are a few of you who have written to me, which means there are more of you, who want to bet against Bitcoin.

Please do not do this!

In my view, and in the view of others whom I have have spoken to as of late who happen to work at major Wall Street institutions, The Street will more than likely push Bitcoin even higher.

Many of you believe that Bitcoin is in a bubble, while this may or may not be true, keep in mind that asset bubbles can go on for extended periods of time. Moreover, the fact that we know that Wall Street games everything is our strength! So knowing this we can also play this game and profit from it.

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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why not?


Did you read the article?

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Totally agree I wouldn’t bet against bitcoin at the moment

you are right about bitcoin....and about the wall street pushing bitcoin higher...thanks..
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Bitcoin is now futures It looks like Bitcoin will move forward.
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I agree about not to short bitcoin Gregory :) Even though i disagree that Bitcoin is in a bubble. Remember that 1 bitcoin did cost 0.07 dollars back in august 2010.
This is a good explanation why bitcoin is not in a bubble:
Goverments can regulate, ban bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies all they want. A global decentralized network is close to impossible to take down.
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officialmcafee John McAfee tweeted @ 10 Dec 2017 - 18:07 UTC

In the long term, don't be afraid of Bitcoin Futures:

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

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Thanks for the warning, I appreciate this.

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yeah and hope it will have a strong position in trading like other currencies and oil gold silver pair @greg


You really said Bitcoin is extra booming coming soon, now already boon.
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I believe this to be true as well. Yes, they want to control it but before sucking the life out of it their gonna ride the high then flip the switch as they done to metals and everything under the sun for so long............ same ole' story right? Should never allowed them to get involved and kept it a free market determining it's own price but they know that will destroy their game............ I digress


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Look at the bottom of the article man :)

On the grounds that this effect has been well known for weeks, we RESPECTFULLY disagree. It's actually not a bad time to start thinking about taking some bitcoin off the table at these prices, and timing-wise we think it's better to be in some up-and-coming "altcoins" which may deliver higher returns thanks to gaining access to prominent Wall Street exchanges BitFlyer & Coinbase. See our feed for details...
check out our article "Coinbase & BitFlyer's next move..." for details.


Taking some Bitcoin off the table yes, betting against it.... no.

Thanks for your update buddy.I upvoted your post,keep it up.


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Look at the bottom of the article man :)

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Everyone kept telling me it was gonna crash and I just couldnt understand how people would think BTC's FUD drop would outweight the publicity this gave BTC. Of course it was going to rise.

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Thanks for the warning. Personally, I would never short Bitcoin, but it is interesting to know what the bankers are upto.

Normal folk will belive their deceitful fearmongering and get run over by the bitcoin train.

Always on point GM! ❤️

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who want to bet against Bitcoin.??

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You are right.Actually bitcoin is the cryptocurrency all world wide boss.

Agree 100%.

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Bitcoin is now futures It looks like Bitco

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I'm diversifying in other alt coins for stability though. I think that the Wall Street will definitely cause a crash. I mean just look at any other market that they are involved in (Stock, Real Estate, Fiat Currency). It's just a matter of when.

thank you for this insight.

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