Early Market Update. By Gregory Mannarino

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The 10yr yield now below 2.84% Dollar index also lower. Cash moving back into crypto's. All this is stock market positive. Of course all this is 100% rigged. #FAKEMARKETS

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Cash is slowing moving back to crypto but i dont think it will be much for the next few months. follow me and everyone check out my post i always pay people that comment on my blogs


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U.S. stock index futures pointed to a strong start for Wall Street , with investors hoping that new Fed chair Jerome Powell will keep the U.S. central bank on a steady course of monetary tightening.
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Unbelievable push up after the massive sell off. Shrugging off anything negative - All new highs this week?

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Cash moving back into crypto's. All this is stock market positive. Of course all this is 100% rigged. #FAKEMARKETS

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