EARLY RELEASE! Post Market Wrap Up. MUST Watch: THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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We need to figure out a way to get Greg Hunter over here. I know you have talked to him about it and he is reluctant for some reason. Maybe you should just show him how much your account is worth since May 2017. Amazing. :)


I agree. The Gregs are awesome. Need to reunite them.

Have a great weekend Greg and thanks for all your work!
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Haha, I bet in these crazy times there are not much traders left out there who have ever seen a black swan.


Just checked your website.
Works fine over here in Germany.

Fair Value? Melt the market up with easy money.

The FED is going to juice the Bond market to the moon.

Jack-ass Yellen!

@marketreport...Great work done this week! Hopefully Yellen-Mouth doesn't wake you up this weekend. Your page is working fine generally . The right edge should be bigger (20 pixels) to see all the numbers. Users with slow computer will have problems because it's loading a lot in 1 side. They have to wait a few seconds. But it's practical to have everything in 1 side.


JACK-ASS Yellen is a traitor/sell-out


I think it's an accurate analysis. And it's like a little nest inside the view of the sap. With a little visual programming play, it can be made much more readable and understandable. @mafsteem @marketreport


@mafsteem @marketreport I agree with you that with slow computer will have problems.For example, me :)) And there are parts that do not look like cut on the left side of the site..it's a nice site in general terms, but it will be much nicer if the design is improved a little bit..


Yes ıts true ! The computer is very important in this digital world. @marketreport Am I wrong? @mafsteem


@beyfendi...I just bought a new laptop. It's worth not to wait always. This way you earn more with Steemit.


Sir, can i ask a question...Venezuela is releasing an alternative currency for digital parcels, including Bitcoin. The petroleum-based currency, Petro, will be sold 100 million units in the first place and the unit price will be $ 59.07.I saw such a news today. I need your information about crypto money.... @mafsteem


@beyfendi...I don't know more then you on this subject.


I'm sorry I did not get a new computer and but steemitte I understand I need a new pc...I hope one day :) @mafsteem


@beyfendi...Steem would be a good buy now. It went down from 8.3$ to 5.4$. 6.20$ is ok now to buy.


You call it a good investment for the future.. :) @mafsteem


@beyfendi...I think Steem is short term (next 3-6 months) a very good investment.


I am a university student and I need short-term investments now... :) but we also need to think long term... @mafsteem

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Oh yeah, Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com, is one of my favorites

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I was waiting for today's movement in the coming days I made a rise test in the evening and I said that tomorrow will be watching horizontally tomorrow, I will come out from the bottom tomorrow when btc pump is done, I said sub-collection and I will not sell it early so I do not close it.

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It is important to remember that the banks' integration of Bitcoin will mean the control of the state and tax, which is against the spirit of Blockchain and Bitcoin.. @mafsteem @marketreport

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If lt wasn’t for you I would be shorting the market like crazy!
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Greg website is fine with laptop, iPad is a little slow. I guess it depends what platform people are using

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The Yield Curve explained:

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Got it, Jerome Powell is next in the line for the FED.

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Nice vid ,I’m moving some into the telecoms . Trump said DOW 30,000 upvoted and resteemed

I think the name Robin Hood fits you to a TTTTT Thanks so much

Thanks to you Greg, I had a great day. Enjoy your weekend. Upvoted as usual.

Greg, thanks for the honest insights. This four day move was a 3 sigma move or 1 chance in 1000 happening. Making good money on a antipin butterflies as the indices and high fliers are just flying higher. Bond vs Dollar vs Bigcoin. Staying long until I see some internals that for hedging and or shorting. Perhaps Utilities and High End Real Estate. Keep up the good video. Upvoted and resteemed..

I have been drilling that truth into my son recently - the governement, in general, gives a rip about you. There may be an instance here and there where your interests and the government's interest align, and then it will appear that the government is looking out for you, but that is an illusion. The government cares about one thing - increasing it's own power, control and influence.

Your call about the melt up is spot on, in my opinion.

The Directorate of Inquiries about the next activities. It's very nice to have the marketing skills among you. Best of luck to you. I hope you're a big man.

Thanks for the update as always. Go for another record.

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I've been watching u daily for years along with hunter. Love both u guys. Came to Steemit when u dropped off of YouTube for a month or so. Keep up the great work.

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Another informative and entertaining week from the man keeping Janet Yellen's flashlight in check. BTW TradersChoice.net charts are working fine for me. Have a great weekend.

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Thanks Greg, I will be looking forward to seeing you on Greg Hunter show. You two are my favorite people. thanks again.

WoW how surprising...... not :-)
Bond buying has commenced...lol
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Tried opening the website, works well when I have good amount of bandwidth. But when I use Android phone with limited OTA bandwith it takes several minutes for all the charts to show up.

Greatly appreciate the update prior to close. It gave me an opportunity to forge ahead and create new positions. All in green at closing. ;o)

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I think I heard the other day that things are so out of wack that even a 4% drop would make a lot big players insolvent?

If you're watching this and not heeding his advice, on anything really, you're letting cash dry up in front of your eyes.

If you need help trading options, follow me. I can help answer questions that Greg can't get to. I was brand new to everything when I first found Greg. I made my 40hr paycheck this week using only 5% of a 40hr work week.

Another Great one!!

Hyperinflation, not growth.

This is a game...a game with all of our money. Funny thing is while we will be destroyed when the game comes to a dramatically ugly end...we have little input into how the big guys play the game. Anyone have any great ideas about what happens after the games is up?

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I realize you don't have time to reply to me but what is the delta between silver stocks and physical?

Maybe you should tell your followers to read "The Creature From Jekyll Island."

30,000Dow, Trump inside info?? Never 😂

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Determine fair value... does the Fed even know what that means? Thanks for the update and the laughs:) Resteemed and upvoted.

I’m starting next week to buy and sell how Greg advices I’ve been watching him for the past 6 months this guy is a real robinhood

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Greg, is the Fed possibly propping up crypto too? QE for the young and ambitious...and now wall st?

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What I don't seem to get is why would people get "fleeced" later? As you said, they would support this market no matter what and will let it melt up and up. Why would they allow it to fall then and get people "fleeced"? Thanks.

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Thanks for the sharing Greg. Bought all your ebooks yesterday and went through them. Great stuff. Cheers and keep going...

Nice video. It's a one stop resource center for stock market analysts, investors and knowledge base

I think that bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) price will rise in the short and long term because of technical and fundamental reasons.
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Bought AMZN calls the other day Greg-Thank you bagged a 45% profit

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Outstanding analysis. I joined Steem as you suggested. I learn so much from your videos. Thanks!

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it's my some analysis
Trading is a competitive business, and one can assume the person sitting on the other side of a trade is taking full advantage of technology. Charting platforms allow traders an infinite variety of methods for viewing and analyzing the markets. Backtesting an idea on historical data prior to risking any cash can save a trading account, not to mention stress and frustration. Getting market updates with smartphones allows us to monitor trades virtually anywhere. Even technology that today we take for granted, like high-speed internet connections, can greatly increase trading performance.

Using technology to your advantage, and keeping current with available technological advances, can be fun and rewarding in trading.

I joined steemit as you suggested on a previous wrap up. Great analysis as always. Thanks for all you do!

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Greg Hunter has some great guest and updates, I will be watching the interview for sure.

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