EDGE of another MELTDOWN. (Chart). By Gregory Mannarino


EDGE of another MELTDOWN. This is a long term chart encompassing the last two market crashes and where we are today... a picture is worth a thousand words. (please share).


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In 2000 I was mad about the market crash.
In 2008 I was shocked about the market crash.
In 2019 I am hoping for a market crash.

Go figure.


Yes, I'm looking forward to it in some ways.


Lol! I am happy to trade it whichever way it goes, but do feel sorry for people getting ready to retire and counting on the money in their accounts!

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Not surprising or new. Just wondered why it had not happened sooner. The Debt bomb is smoking......

Definitely worried about it - I was worried before that comparison, but that sort of solidifies my view of where things are at and headed. I'll be making further moves to get myself out of harms way (will be listing my condo for sale - went to money market with my 401k back in October)

Great Chart! What software are you using, Greg?


Awesome! Why don't you make a 30 min screenshare video of our technical setup? Websites, Software etc. Of course everyone has different needs but it would be great as a kickstart for people coming into trading. Thanks so much! You are the one and only Robin Hood on Wallstreet!

As I always say Greg, they will crash it when they're good and ready. They will push crony Socialism on us like they pushed crony Capitalism on us and the idiots will fall for it because no one wants to put their son's life on the line for real change; Revolution.

Last chance to bet against the debt! Prepare now!

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That looks downright scary to me !!

Sure looks like a steep cliff we are standing on, shaky ground and all.

That is quite the cliff we are standing on, shaky ground and all. Best.

Sorry, maybe it is a problem with my screen but I can't see if this chart is arithmetic or semi-logarithmic. It would have to be log on the price scale to capture emotional impact. I.e. A 100 point drop from $1000 to 900 will engender greater emotion than a drop from $3000 to 2900 yet those two moves will show the same distance on an arithmetic chart.