Expect That Gold, Silver, Commodities, And Cryptocurrencies Will Gain In 2018. By Gregory Mannarino

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Here we are just 10 days into 2018 and less you are blind, it is simple to see what is already unfolding.

In a recent interview I did with Greg Hunter USAWatchdog, I explained that my "theme" moving into 2018 would be inflation. In fact, I expect everything will inflate.

With regard to global debt, you can be certain that it will get monumentally worse.
With regard to deficits, you can expect them to get monumentally worse as well.

You can also expect world central banks to keep the easy money going, destroying their respective currencies purchasing power.
You will also see world central banks continue to rig the debt markets for as far as the eye can see, not allowing "the market" to set a fair value for debt.

Moreover, on the back of a weakening Dollar (which is one of my prime predictions) continuing its current downward trend, you’ll see gold, silver, commodities and cryptocurrency‘s rise.

I also expect that the stock market will inflate hitting ever new record highs, as the dollar weakens and interest rates are faked lower by runaway central banks...

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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$2500 Gold by June
$50 Silver by June

I'm really looking forward to 2018..I can feel the excitement! Thanks for leading the way @marketreport!


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This year is going to be huge for cryptocurrency, gold and silver..upvoted




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i also thinks that gold, silver and crypto will gain in 2018
thanks for info
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I think you're correct again Robinhood. :)

Great job sir.You always uploads interesting and important post. I also Upvote and resteem your post sir.Upvote and resteem done.

Exactly! This will be a great year for gold, silver and cryptos :)

Very nice to be doing a post you thank you for sharing a nice post in us

Greg, your market reports are killer! Any trader should be able to capitalize in this market.

Thank you for your participation
I am a follower of your article


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Hey Greg! Can you do me a favor and vote my video? Thank you! I am new. Not to mention the fact that my video is EXTREMELY fun to watch!


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Great insight. Thanks Greg

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"You can also expect world central banks to keep the easy money going, destroying their respective currencies purchasing power" So they didn't learn anything with lost buying power of US dollar? US dollar lost its buying power 20x in last 100 years! Meaning... What you could buy with $1 in 1917, for same thing you have to pay $20-$21 today

Greg, Sir Robin Hood , you are right on everything you said we agree with it and we dis upvote and resteem


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I hope we finally see the metals rise, I need to recover some loses.

@marketreport Yes you are right, Bitcoin maybe triple in 2018.

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I like to read your every post.

I'm ready to see the fake markets go away!!!!
Thanx Gregory for all your effort!!!

This post really nice sir

I hope everyone is positioned to go up!

Money is secend God.so its a important things in the world.

Quite informative! You earned my follow already. I hope to read more from you.

wow informative post...
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Thanks Greg for the update. I do not see how we can avoid hyper inflation considering the fact that world central banks have pumped tens of trillions of debt into financial markets that has created massive asset bubbles that have led to a huge wealth transfer which has benfitted the 1%. However, the wind down of money printing by world central banks is only going to compound the problems of the world economy. There is no solution to the crisis facing global capitalism. Ordinary people need to try and protect themselves as best they can before the next economic downturn which will make 1929 and 2008 look like a Sunday school picnic.

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Nice outlook, gold and silver are a store of wealth that everyone should hold as insurance against currency devaluations. The market is a gamble at this point in time . As usual upvoted and resteemed

Great Information Post

totally agree with you, 2018 will be an exciting year for crypto (well, i think it will be exciting for almost everything besides fiat-money). very informative article and i think i like your attitute. upvoted, resteemed and followed!

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Long time listener on YouTube Gregory. I have always respected your opinion and dauntless work on everything financial. Concise articles like this are encouraging for the folks that have seen this debacle coming from miles away while folks like you have been leading us to sound conclusions about the potential outcomes. This is scary but a lot less scary knowing I am armed with knowledge to position myself properly. I feel better about this year than any in the last decade... here we go!

good post

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Love this, everyone will be looking at the charts this December, likely to be quite pleased with their gains

The all consuming debt bubble.


Waiting on the meat. Lots of generalization buts where is the beef? Not making any money following you. Other guys on Twitter are posting there actual trades, how much they bought and why so folks can make decisions. Following you is like following a conspiracy author.


If you watch his videos, he states every trade he makes.

I just love it sir.....

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Outstanding perfomance for bitcoin...
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i think in future every bank will accept cryptocurrency as a money for business let's see hoping for the best keep sharing the information like this...

Thanks for the info

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Gold, Silver, Commodities will/can outperform.
Cryptocurrencies - in this form - will disappear with the coming crash on the stock-, bond-, art- and real estate markets

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Such a wonderful and useful post informative thanks for sharing this great post with us dear friend we appreciate your efforts

It is time for gold ... we are waiting ;)

Love your work greg thank you.

Indeed precious metals and all commodities will rise... but cryptocurrencies... hmmm... not so sure about that, they are too new and volatile, we just don't know yet how they will perform in an inflationary environment, perhaps at current level they are already way ahead in valuation that they may in fact go nowhere or even down.

Agreed. 2018 could be a good year for PMs. Long time subscriber to your YouTube channel!

Great information. I'm just learning Been following you with a friend for a few years now but new to steemit. Great to see you here.

great analysis on cryptocurrency,thanks for great information sharing

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Big question for me is why people would trust any other fiat currency more. JPY has been inflated to death already, EUR hasn't dealt with the real problems after 2013 (unless you think Spain, Italy and Greece are more than just fake recovery) and considering unfunded liabilities and Brexit GBP is probably still overvalued... Could you enlarge your scope in one of your next videos?

Thanks! Good info.

Good post my friend in steem

Good Stuff. Resteemed. Just bought my first 10oz of silver coins!

I am happy that I agree with you stating that gold, silver and crypto will go higher under this resent environment, because when money leaves the bond and stock market it does not go to money heaven but find somewhere else to go.

Thanks again greg!

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I've been quietly following you for years and have taken your advice of becoming my "own central bank." Keep up the good work. Deservedly Upvoted and Resteemed.

Agreed Gregory........ Could you expostulate on how money seems to be sloshing from one alt coin to another t.i.a. also what do you think of this post I just made?

cardano..... caveat emptor ...... down 17%
imoutdoors (39) in cardano •
summation...... cardano is now down a further 17% following the peer comments here now on steem.

A veritable kabuki of pro and con tubefo circling around trader boss joe jsnip and silver gold man, is circulating the tubeno.

who will dd the subject and disscover the viability of this new altcoin, will a pennystockesque, p & d overcome the present expo, and blast to new high's...........? is the plethora of semi mainstream and promotional support merited?

is this a legit altcoin invest?

comments welcome

Wow, so many events already happening this year. Thank you for explaining what is happening with the bond market and providing early insight on China. This will be an exciting year!

It is difficult to predict what will happen in 2018 but they are exciting times without a doubt, Thanks for the info.

Great work

Thank you for your hard work!

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Good post Robin. Going back to rewatch the Greg Hunter interview.

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