Fed. Chair Powell LIED To Congress Right In His Opening Statement! By Gregory Mannarino

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In his opening remarks Fed. Chair Powell LIED before Congress! He said "the fed. balance sheet is shrinking." This is a complete falsehood. Here is a link to the Fed. Website balance sheet reports, they PROVE that it is NOT SHRINKING. https://www.federalreserve.gov/monetarypolicy/quarterly-balance-sheet-developments-report.htm

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All the more reason to "Audit the Fed."

I totally monitor the Fed Audits as well. They keep feeding the kool aid to the masses. The amount of liabilities the federal government has is massive and the budget deficits continue to widen. The only way out of this is to go to the printing press. Hold on to your precious metals, crypto, and property!


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They will absolutely try to monetize the deficits. They did during the Obama era when deficits were less than what is now projected today. They cannot afford the debt service payments when US goes to sell bonds and interest rates go to the moon with no formidable supply of "real" buyers in the market. So the Fed will inevitably need to Print, Print, Print and purchase more bonds, MBS, stocks, whatever.

At one point, it will be people with money vs people with weapons

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They all lie to us!

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He have no idea what he is talking about
those guys will say something different every day just to stay in their chair

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Thank You Greg, They lie they got to keep the fake markets going.

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How do we confront him on this? Call our representatives?

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How do these people sleep at night?

Not sure what Fed. Chair Powell is really saying... but here is some historical context.

If the past is any indication for the future...well you know how it turned out.

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That is what they are..
Liars and frauds..

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Laying the ground work to become the scapegoat.

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It was also said by one of these leeches that the debt could be paid by " the wealth of the public in the US"...... how fucking scary is that? 401K drainage in the future among other things nah this is a debt based system that HAS to grow in order to survive so it will only become larger and larger.

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