Important Updates: Stocks, Bonds, Dollar, Crypto, Gold, Silver, The Fed. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Your willingness to give back and help others is a measure of ones greatness! Love each other, care for each other, and be charitable. Greg.

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Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted, and Resteemed. It is hard to keep up with what is going on in the world today. Thanks for the information and you work.

Greg, paid forward $12 to a homeless lady last Friday with you in mind. It's not much I'm only a mini Lion stacking a little Ag. upvoted/resteemed
Will still be looking for more to help

My very first Steemit! I only got the account to support your good work. I love the fact that you pull back the curtain and see what is really going on in the markets. I've learned so much following your blog in the last few weeks both on the workings of the market and how to trade options effectively. I bought your readings from lulu and follow your recommendations all while trying to apply your knowledge to the broader market. Also inspired by the 'Pay it Forward' spirit of it all. Maybe we can make the world a better place donating some of our profits and time to our communities. Thank you Gregory.

Hey Greg, thank you for your hard work and accurate calls. But today the US Treasury will be selling $145 billion in debt including both 3Y and 10Y paper, according to Zero Hedge. Do you think the ten year yield will rise considerably?

You were 100% correct about the stock market going up Gregory.

thanks for update crytocurrency news 😊.


Very useful information..Robin hood of market

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Thank you Robin hood

thanx greg for give your reviews and share analysis and your always helpfull videos on stock is great work

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thanx greg for give your reviews and share analysis and your always helpfull videos on stock is great work


i like your every post.........thanks for sharing your update............@marketreport

Agree, rates will go higher.

Thanks for the video sir!


A great video I would like to say you thanks for everything.
I respect you. You can write everything pretty well thanks for sharing

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Running of the Bulls this week. Start ripping!!!!!!

Great post ..Loved the information..

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Nice post and video.. Thanks for sharing us @marketreport

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Thanks for sharing Important Updates.

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Nice market update, I appreciate it. I think as long as we keep getting good news, markets will stay strong.

One thing I was confused and curious about was when you said metals are rigged to the n'th degree. Are they really? Could you give me more information on this? Thanks again @marketreport!

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@marketreport Your Predictions going well ,

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Thank you Mr Hood

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Nice post sir, thanks for sharing

Thanks once again for the instructive updates. Greatly appreciate the stock posts so us forgotten people have a chance against the global elites.
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Very useful information and knowing about these resources, we learn more about cryptography! Thank you

The markets will move up to celebrate St. Patricks Day!

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Thank you sir

Thx Greg.

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Thank you Mr. Robin Hood!

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