Lions Be Prepared For This Coming Week! By Gregory Mannarino

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Stock futures higher, I am not surprised, the rigging of the bond market was literally off the Richter scale on Friday. They are determined to inflate stocks. We will capitalizing on this my Lions. Promise...

Tomorrow I will post new positions on all my social networks, in real time as usual.
They will not beat us. No way possible...

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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Thank you so much Mr Robin Hood


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Thank you so much Mr Robin Hood

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Is that the Bitconnect dude? Probably not. He looks too angry. The Bitconnect folks should look really happy after stealing millions.


Yes its craig grant lmaooo


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everytime he says lions it makes me think of this scene at 1:19



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Succuss is not an accident but there is along plan.. Thks @marketreport

Appears to be a floor around 88.50 on the DXY. Is this the week we break to the downside? Sure not a lot of resistance below!!

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Does the market have enough momentum to go higher with bond yields continuing to increase? People are worried more than ever and liquidating part of their portfolios. Also earnings are bad from huge companies like Walmart. The Fed is popping this big fat ugly bubble with it's rate hikes and this won't end well

You are right, always and now.

More stocks we have, the more cepet screenings of his money


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pretty easy to capitalize if the market keeps going up lol

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Isn't it Goldman Sachs that buys the treasuries for the FED? At a premium so the bonuses keep flowing., of course.

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I said DOW 50K. They will not crash economy with Trump in Office Trump WILL NOT BAIL THEM OUT! They will use the manipulation to make money until Trump is gone, then KAABOOM!

Mark my words!

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Be careful guys, stocks opened higher (Gap up) without any volume, and gradually rising as UK bonds are being sold off. This looks like pump up to me, but I don't know if there will be a dump when your markets open today.
One thing I am sure of, is that they will try to create a buffer for Powell's testimony tomorrow.

Be careful!

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