MARKETS: Highway To The Danger Zone... Important Updates! By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Might be a weak day, but I'd almost expect it to come back later today or tomorrow. Looking at the BND, it's at the bottom of the 1&3 month trend lower bound trend line. Since the market seems to be managed by bonds lately, I'd expect some buying to come in from the usual suspects and stocks to follow. (but just my observation) Always appreciate these updates! Resteemed and upvoted.


Running out of steam trying to figure this crap out. Who is willing to buy a debt in general with a return less than the average inflation rate. Is this on the taxpayers dime?

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Bonds selling off hard...
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The Bond buying should start around 1:47 PM CST.... maybe :-)


Is that the normal time?

Keeping it real!

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So I can hold a bond for 30 years and lose money??? SWEET!!!! Sign me up now... LOL

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Thank You, Gregory. Tell us what is going on in the Precious Metals Market. I look forward to your Reports

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Bouncing off the trend line.



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As of Friday January 5, two-year Canadian government bond yields sat at 1.77%, while five-year government bonds were at 1.97%, and 10-year government bonds settled at 2.15%. The difference of a measly 20 bps between two and five yr rates and 38 bps between the two and 10 year rates represents a flattening yield curve. This is a big deal for financial institutions, where the majority of their revenue comes in via the spread between short-term and long-term yields. A bank’s ability to make money is a function of the ability of a financial institution to borrow at a lower rate short term to lend out said money on a long-term basis (car loans, mortgages) at a higher rate.


You're talking more specifically about the banks and you're right but don't forget insurance companies. It hurts them even more. Insurance companies do not loan money for a profit but invest it in safe assets like bonds.

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That bond chart definitely looks scary! What a sell off this morning. Would be VERY NICE to have a 4-5% pull back so we can buy the dip again! Upvote and resteem! Thanks Greg!

President Trump is making a big mistake taking credit for the stock market. He will have to now own the coming crash. Own it both ways my friend!!

I'm glad you are looking at things objectively and calling out the doublespeak.

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It sounds like the Federal Reserve is about to create a lot more money out of thin air to help to support the markets.

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Great point about wanting to make Trump look bad. With regard to inflation, any dollar put into the purchase of goods needed in the near (1 year) future will work to preserve wealth.

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I think the 10-yr just broke an important "psychological" resistance at 2.50. It is only a matter of time before it tests the 2.60 resistance again.

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I understand what you are saying about the bond market, they need to keep on buying until there plans has been put in place. I think the US economy is in a very weak position. I am referring to the petro dollar.

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All eyes on that yield curve!

It might be a weak day for the bonds, but I'd almost expect it to come back strong later today or tomorrow. Looking at the BND, it's at the bottom of the 1&3 month trend lower bound trend line. Since the market seems to be managed by bonds lately, I'd expect some buying to come in from the usual suspects and stocks to follow. (but just my observation) Always appreciate these updates! Resteemed and upvoted.

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