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Again it shows;

Crime pays.

You make Billions and get caught and its only millions in fines.

Good Business i guess?

Just shows Crime Pays!

Gotta love that for HSBC, they say gold and other precious metals.

They just can’t bring themselves to say silver.

They will have their day greg , thanks

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Dont forget copper, copper is a good investment especially with all the construction happening in the next couple of years


I agree, metals are undervalued long term


Greet man of steemit @robin hood

Excellent post and thanks for staying us updated regarding metals, Stay awesome

Gold silver down. But for me, as always. CEEP STACKING.
Thank you sir for all your tips. You really helping a lot.
And yes, Im donating some every month.

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It's all a game

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Really nice work man ! Thanks for informative sharing !

good job sir for share this report with us and also the link is more better to read whole
your work is always best to share market reports on all pairs

this is really new news for me to see the metal market rigging and also the reprots of UBS and HSBC ....some new names for me hope i will know soon when i will see your more posts about it @greg

thank you sir that you always help all traders and who which intrest in market hope every one get many benefits with your reports and news @resteemd

good work sir for your news on metal today and i like your work always i also upvote and @resteemd

well good to know about metal market and your post is good on metal after some days sir @resteemd

Thank you for your information

Where are you Mr Robin Hood ? I can not see you ..

Price of everything have risen except the two most valuable assets in world, gold and silver . Looking at how rare silver is becoming every other day , it's current price is dirt cheap . Silver is not only value to store , it got numerous industrial applications . It's fastest semi conductor being used in computers , phones . No wonder manipulation from top whales was going on for this many years . Not touching JP Morgan shows how powerful they are . The penalties are so low for the amount of manipulation they have done across the years and these penalties are like pennies for those big whales . Strict actions should be taken against them otherwise they will keep offending again and again . My friends laughed at me when i told them about this manipulation , time to show them this article . We don't want them in cryptocurrency market !


But they got some kid traders going to jail this time. That'll show em. /s

Gold and silver are heavenly manipulated , Never thought cftc would take any action against them . Still JP Morgan should be exposed .

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Greg, Today Janet Yellen was praised for her many successes as Fed Chair. I was sickened by the news media. What a joke. Who believes this nonsense?

Restemeed sir. Nice post thanks :)

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One might wonder if Deutsche Bank profited more than the 30million$ fine imposed.

It seems rigged because "they" aren't sharing the play book.

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Great post sir.... I follow u... Your all post really awesome.. ✌️✌️✌️✌️

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They don't have balls to include JP Morgan. Horse shit but it's a start. Stack on!

this is very intreseting friend.. thanks for sharing @marketreport


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i always like your reports and predictions and good anylisis on market sir @upvote and

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Not a one is an american firm. We must have honest traders here. /s

So it should be okay to go into the precious metals market now right? /s

very good information, this is very useful for everyone, especially for myself. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your information. Keep sharing

i am agree with you...........
But I think we can have all the other coins but we can.
Why do not we see the collapse of many days in the market. If there is a bitcoin banned for a reason, then other coins will not be banned.
And no other coins can stop for this.
But the effect of yes will be on top of Marquette.
So the rest will not stop, maybe it's a little problem to trade now without bitcoin, but at that time maybe other coins will consume the mortar.
Whatever you have learned from my post, many things have been cleared on my small head, so I have said that you make a big dealer mistake, you will see it in forgiveness.

Thanks sir We love you Resteem This post sir

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Very good information thanks

see my posts a while back on silver..It will not be held back for long..impossible.

its about time! I hope they jack up the fines!!

Always small penalties for yuge gains


good work sir sendin 👏

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Amazing post sir ............................:):):)..........................................

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Very interesting post sir :)

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Where there is money, there will always be dishonesty.

very good information, this is very useful for everyone...

First off love your work.Greg do you think Ethereum could one day replaced bitcoin now that bitcoin is on the futures. Ethereum seems to be holding better than bitcoin.What price do you think gold and silver will reach this year.

And no US banks are charged....yeah that makes sense.
The enforcement is selective.
1 - none of the main players at these banks get chatged, sure, just these lone wolf, rogue traders...
2 - this is done at the behest of US major banks who want to eliminate some competition and do the rigging just for themselves

Good to see that the rigging is being acknowledged, though I hear that they only got the usual piddly slap on the wrist. I was down in Birmingham Alabama this weekend, picking up our adopted rescue dog from her foster home, so I haven't been on Steemit. Upvoted and resteemed.

That is fairly awesome to understand many thanks for that ideas.@resteem

Been going on for years. They make huge profits from this rigging.
If caught, they pay a pittance of a fine - some justice.