MUST WATCH: The Financial System Is Being Weaponized. By Gregory Mannarino

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The Steem blockchain will, in the long run, remake finances.

Right now, we are in stealth mode. They won’t know what hit them until it is too late.


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Completely agree with you, today’s market is fake, rigged and overinflated. And this will probably continue until it doesn’t. Thanks to YOU I have not been shorting this market. I was also doing other things you recommended and so far I’m happy. Thank you Robin Hood!



haha that's like me here in the UK


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@markjackson1989 The only problem for China is: Who is going to buy their stuff when the US is bankrupt?


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Would they not lose their biggest customer if they were to dump all their US debt? Who would buy everything they produce?


Bravo! Thanks for all that you do, keeping us mainstream informed! Its wonderful on hearing what you have to say and keeping it simple with all the financial jargon that most of us are not aware because we haven't been trained in the financial realm as you have been. I have learned a lot from watching your videos, even though I have been trading for 10 years. Everything you say makes perfect sense to me. I'm an avid watcher to your videos and look forward to it everyday. Thanks again!

The house of cards of getting more fragile by the day :(

Thanks for the update. I think the reason why Trump is taking ownership of the recent stock market gains is because he knows that some major event is on the horizon that will bring down the markets. He will be vindicated and the event will be held responsible for the crash. Upvoted.


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I don't know. I think Trump takes that ownership of the stock market with him, rise or fall, and if the market does fall and Trump wants to save face, the better option would have been to continue to disavow the market like he was doing on the campaign trail. But hell, this market may never fall at the rate it's going! We shall see.


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Just before this was posted, Gregory, I watched all these videos on Independent news about China ramping up their military to defend against U.S.'s massive military strength. I thought to odd, considering how smart Chinese people are...they are clearly in the driver's seat holding all our debt in the form of U.S. Treasuries (promissory notes that U.S.



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Two IMPORTANT points regarding that China story :

  1. Trump declared China as an economic aggressor.
  2. Gundlach and Gross both said there were EVIDENCE that China was halting their treasury buying.

Indeed, this story was not fake news. They're just reacting.

Regarding the dollar sell off, the markets are realizing that if China is out, who will buy those bonds? The FED will. Therefore, they will need to kill that dollar to buy this all up.

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Thank You Greg for telling it as it is. We need to hear it and be better informed.

best work for your predtions on market with your videos and posts sir @reseemd

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Thanks for the head-ups! Didn't know about the Bond market thing.
I'm pretty sure most Americans don't have any idea that China owes half of the country. Wondering where this China bashing and needeling (nice word you used) will lead us!

a nice video really


Be your own central bank, right Greg? Upvoted and Resteemed!

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There is a reason they push $15 hour minimum wage, inflation will be here soon.

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you give me always true infromtaion and opinions thanx sir for this

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your anylesis on stock and market and predictions are always right and we always need its greg sir i also @resteemd

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You make a very good point there Greg. I don't think that story came out just out of nowhere. Dollar is down today, yet meanwhile, in precious metals land...

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 11.10.00 AM.png

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Resteemed. Yeah, I don't get why Trump is taking all this credit from the stock market. If China were to do what you're saying, wouldn't it be a world of hurt for them as well? I mean, they have major debt problems of their own and rely on our economy to stay afloat. Am I way off here?


China has a big debt problem too and they will suffer by doing this. The only difference is that if they dump their bonds, the dollar will take a huge hit. Considering that most of their debt is US dollar dominated, it will be much cheaper for them to "pay it back".

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Audit the fed

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Great video greg, I believe in the end China will emerge as the new world superpower, cheers

Wow. Also am a Trump supporter also. I am in ZERO debt. A scary thing for our kids. Upvoted and resteemed.

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Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted Resteemed. BYOCB.

I have been concerned about our USA debt all the while it was being multiplied! Wake up, people and prepare for that rainney day! Resteemed!

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Trump fan goes like: "But but but... Trump is playing 4d Chess? Right? Right.......... guys?"

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I want a financial weapon.... yup
Thanx Gregory

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I'm really looking forward to 2018..I can feel the excitement! Thanks for leading the way @marketreport


Amazing post

Greg, yes your are right yet again and we did upvote and resteem for all to see it, and we agree with you. big time,

My thoughts - most wars begin as a financial conflict and escalate into a physical conflict from there. Agreed - China is making noise, but ultimately they don't want to escalate into a physical conflict any more than we do, and a financial war may hurt us more than them, but don't underestimate the damage it will do to them.

Nevertheless - a very good video from you again, as always. Keep up the good work.

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I'm really looking forward to 2018..I can feel the excitement! Thanks for leading the way @marketreport!

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China is following the USA who has been using the US$ to start wars for at least 20 years now.


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Hillary did say China has been very smart didn't she? #Hillary4Prison

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You've motivated me to buy some more silver.

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Enough individuals think about the upset yield bend to influence the Fed to address it. Resteemed and upvoted.


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Decent standpoint, gold and silver are a store of riches that everybody should hold as protection against money debasements. The market is a bet right now . As normal upvoted and resteemed

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Great content as always Greg!

Without your videos I'd probably short this markets until my hands bleed.

Decent standpoint, gold and silver are a store of riches that everybody should hold as protection against money debasements. The market is a bet right now . As normal upvoted and resteemed

I think in future each bank will acknowledge digital money as a cash for business we should see seeking after the best continue sharing the data like this

What will be the benefit of this? I do not think so. It will harm us. comment and upvote complete. @marketreport

Wow! Great analysis @marketreport ! The US have moved themselves in a terrible situation and are now a Chinese debt slave.

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What are the main competitors of Ripple?

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I'm really looking forward to 2018..I can feel the excitement! Thanks for leading the way @marketreport!

I'm really looking forward to 2018..I can feel the excitement! Thanks for leading the way @marketreport!

Upvote resteemed. Your right gonna get ugly. The Fed. Is destroying our country.

I think we're getting carried away slightly, of course China no longer buying up the US debt would have a big effect, however I don't think it's would be the final nail in the US coffin, I believe if Japan were to announce something similar that would have the largest effect to the bond market of the US

Zionist take over is what it is and until we call it out we will never be free from the global banking cartel that started fiat money all over the world. Zionist Rothschild is who the world is in debt to and we need to call it out. They created isreal which is ground zero for NWO. These ppl need to be called out, they are such a small group which control the whole world and we need to stand up or we will all be their slaves, they want to get us on the chip which they can turn off and starve us if we don’t submit.

People need to get out of debt and quit shopping. That'll send a huge message.

Great video!


The truth is most people don't even want to know what's really going on.

I enjoyed your dialogue immensely. What I would add is China's Banking system is in total array as well. They have a multicultural complexity that is way beyond what the U.S. is experiencing. They are corrupt and the internal strife with the powers to be do not know what each hand is doing. They have no justice system at all. They need the U. S. equally to how we rely on them.

thoroughly concur with you, 2018 will be an energizing year for crypto (well, I figure it will energize for nearly everything other than fiat-cash). exceptionally useful article and I think I like your attitute. upvoted, resteemed and took after!

Very good my friend

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what a good insight

Spot on, Greg.
Weapons of war will be useless when there's no money to pay the goons who pull the triggers.

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I'm a historian and this is absolutely true. My professor even addressed this issue in particular China owning our debt (it was in a World History class). It's disturbing we let it happen but what can a citizen do?

Love your all post sir.

Thanks. I think the reason why this is happening is we have the wrong people in charge. I think Trump could do good if he had the right people. What is wrong with china or any of the others countries. I would have dumped us a long time ago but they need us. stupid stupid

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Bet against the debt !!!!! 🤑😁👍🏻

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This title is humorous if you read it all together! Love you Greg!


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You have hit the nail on the head at every point. That is all I am saying.

Thank You Greg, You are so right, China holds the power, to much of our debt is owned by them.

One of the things that Trump talked about during his campaign was to possibly restructure the countries debt. The only way to do this would be through default. I think that our economy will certainly come down but I think China is going to be coming down with it.

China is showing its power over the market and how much power they have. Time will tell if it affects this market.

Thanks for updates. I must watched this video.

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Greg, this is a very scary and sobering video you've made, great analysis of the situation! China now holds a lot of gold, that's another big stick they have to keep the US in line.

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As Jim Rickards is saying for years, he played this game and won... for China.

My comments to a tee yesterday. I have no doubt that this is in retribution to Trump's comments during the election concerning China. China is in for the long run and is intent on controlling the USA. This STARTED back in the 1980s... yes from the 80s in a long-range program when India, China and other had to choose "Guns or Butter". The power shift of east to west is well underway and has been for many years if not decades. With its multitudes of people, both China and India had to make long-range​ plans in order to survive and quell the impetus​ of civil unrest and civil war.

This year is going to be huge for cryptocurrency, gold and silver..upvoted

Excellent trading video thanks for sharing @marketreport and your post resteemed

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GREAT JOB!!! Mr. Mannarino.

You are so correct; the debt issue will bring our wonderful nation to its knees. If we don’t get our nation’s debt under control, we the American citizens and our children will be enslaved.

Wow this is nice post sir.upvote and resteem sir.thanks

Great observation and most likely right on. The Chinese weaponizing the market is consistent with "The Art of War" by Gen Sun Zu upvoted and resteemed

Oww wonderful video and this blog is wonderful.

Great video. Upvoted and resteemed. :-)

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I am trying to make all the right moves!! Thank you for the post.

Thanks for the insight.

Alhamdullah.. Gained a lot of knowledge from this.. Yeah.. thanks brother.. I like the initiative to adopt homeless pets... I love it.. Mashallah

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like you say...not going down....i have bot every micro dip for years and will continue....the invisible hand will prop for a long time

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What you are saying makes a lot of sense, thank you for this insight.
I would never have thought of it this way.

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Resteem upvote.

China won't buy our debt forever. At some point, it will be over. Upvoted and resteemed.

Great post

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Gregory - Absolutely fascinating vision of the present and ahead. I hope the supposed control you describe will never be executed to test the potential effectiveness of such. Still "weaponizing" on the part of China would have severe backlash economic consequences. We in the US are huge fuelers of their economy and what goes at home will wreak havoc abroad. Let's take a deep breath and keep your warnings in mind. Out

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Greg, you are spot on. This is classic economic warfare and it's only going to intensify as the world's currency race to the bottom.

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I am always waiting your blog. @markrtreport


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I'm really looking forward to 2018..I can feel the excitement! Thanks for leading the way @marketreport!

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ww3 already started long time ago and its financial not with bullets.

I think we're Russian into this, I'm just here Iraqing my brain China imagine if they'll do it or not. I'm Ghana have to take a Uganda if this Israel or not and will get back to you.

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at first.....

Pay attention to what he says. He is right on the money!

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