New USAWatchdog Interview: Gregory Mannarino – Deficits and Debt Will Explode Higher.

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Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino is not bullish on the US dollar, and that should worry the man on the street. Mannarino explains, “Inflation is going to be the theme of 2018. How do we know this is going to be the case? Let’s look at what happened to the dollar last year. . . . The dollar got melted down last year, and this trajectory has been going on for decades. It’s just getting progressively worse, and it’s going to continue this year. It’s amazing to me to think that anyone thinks the dollar is going to get stronger from here. President Trump wants a weak dollar. He wants to keep the dollar low in relation to other currencies. . . . The weaker dollar is stock market positive.”

On the ever expanding debt, Mannarino says, “Central banks have to continue supporting the markets by printing more cash out of thin air and inflating bubbles even worse. The debt bubble and deficits are going to get worse, and there’s no way out. So, this is stock market positive. Distortions are getting worse, and valuations are getting more distorted than they already are. . . . The whole system is so twisted and so rigged, every aspect is fake. . . Everything is going to inflate. That includes the market, that includes debt, that includes deficits, and that includes distortions that will inflate and get worse until we hit that moment this all smacks up against a wall.”

In closing, Mannarino says, “The deficits and debt are going to explode higher. World central banks are going to inflate. They are going to kill their currencies. This is why you have been seeing the rise in crypto currencies. Everywhere you want to look, the arrows are pointing towards inflation. Be your own central bank, and bet against the debt and own real stuff.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

Gregory Mannarino's website. Click HERE:

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Absolutely the interview is great, but should we worry a bit after reading? Now the questions in my mind;
Will BTC lose value?
Will ETH gain value?
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@slayer10...I don't concentrate on BTC. I would wait for a pullback in ETH. Clif High says 100000 BTC this year. That would be 6 times more then now. But ETH will soar easely 6 times from now this year.


ETH konusunda sana çok fazla güveniyorum.. Ona kesinlikle yatırım yapacağım. :) Söylemiş olduğum düşüş elbet yaşanacaktır.. @mafsteem


@slayer10...tyrkish I don't understand.


I hope life will show all the truth. Goodness is always the most important aspect of our lives. Good day thank you:) I trust you a lot about ETH .. I will definitely invest in it. :) The fall that I have told you will surely be experienced .. @mafsteem


@slayer10...Sure there is coming a big drop down in Ether.


I'm sure you did. :) Is it safe to invest in ripple? I think a few investments are better at the same time. @mafsteem


I agree with @slayer10. I am a bit do I think this affects bitcoin and should we direct our investments ??@mafsteem @marketreport


@aquia10...Gregory Mannarino is right. This will affect Altcoins a lot. BTC will probably soar 6 times this year but Ether will soar minimum 6 times this year.


That's pretty cool to know thanks for the tips by the way :)


@mafsteem The most logical investment seems to be ether. I'm thinking of investing in Ether but I expect you to fall as you say.
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Wow! This is great insight on what is going to happen between the relationship of dollar and stock market.thanks for this informatve post on inflation that is about to stike stock market.

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Can ı ask a quastion ,what can you think about ripple ? @mafsteem

·'s the coin of the banks. This way they can create coins like printing dollars. By the way now it would be a very bad entry point after the big push the last weeks.


interesting sir...When we looked at the value of bitcoin now, it remained stable at a certain level after it showed a rise.What do you think the bitcoin is increasing or decreasing? @mafsteem


@beyfendi...I think Bitcoin will increase this year probably 6 times to 100'000$ as Clif High is telling. But Ether will increase at least 6 times this year.

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Thanks Greg!! In a corrupt world, your integrity gives me hope. God Bless you!

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The entire monetary system is a giant bubble waiting to explode. It has been backed by a false system for to long with money being printed left right and centre. I worry about all economies but I also worry about the consequences and reality of mass war when markets, economies and currencies crash.

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Everything's been inflated already! The Crash can happen at any moment. I don't expect what's been happening, to continue in 2018. There is a limit.

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Bond market is in bubble. When it burst all hell is going to break lose.

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i've often worried about wealth confiscation. Governments have shown within the past they usually begin with people who have the least, as an alternative off the grotesquely wealthy. sad however genuine. Have a wonderful Sunday, Greg and Gregory.


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I can't imagine the amount of criminal activity that must be happening to keep this economy from dying.

This is an excellent video outlining the reality of the current economic situation. Always love the Greg with Greg talks, they have a great report.

Greg and Greg Back again!!
Two of the top people in the world of real news and info!
If everyone really just understood how the dollar has become almost worthless over the past 50 years, its buying power makes buying silver and Gold, a way to stop the bleeding from your personal wealth.

Thank you Mr Hunter a d Mr Mannarino for this report. I've often worried about wealth confiscation. Governments have shown in the past they always start with those that have the least, instead off the grotesquely wealthy. Sad but true. Have a wonderful Sunday, Greg and Gregory.
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I've always liked your advice Greg to get out of debt, to stay out of debt, and to get the titles to your house and car. That's some of the best financial advice that I've ever heard anyone give.

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Currently, professional traders are net-short the US dollar in greater degrees than ever in history.

They may be right; however, there may be an "event" that causes all of these traders to unwind their positions and when they do, you will see the USD skyrocket to the upside, far faster and higher than people can see right now.

Just be careful buying into the whole story!

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Hey Greg, after the WWII the Debt/GDP Ratio in the US has even higher than now. What makes you so certain, that this time it is much worse?


After WW2, most of the debt was caused by massive defense spending. That spending very quickly wound down after the war. We have mostly huge unfunded liabilities now which are only growing bigger every year.


Thanks! Makes alot of sense!

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I am with you on the inflation. I wonder how many U.S. companies get sold to foreign entities when the dollar crashes.

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Some day inflation will get too high and central banks will have to raise rates at an unbelievable pace to save the dollar, just like Volcker had to to in the early 80's. i don't know when this will happen, but it will be ugly for stocks and bonds.
But I'm sure Greg will warn us before it happens.

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The Yield Curve explained:

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Be careful about assuming that the US dollar will drop all year. Even if the trend is to drop all year, there will be times during the year where it spikes up. You could invest in UDN, for example, which is inverse the dollar drop, and there will be times when it won't do well. The BETTER thing to do is to invest in something that has a bright future regardless of everything else. Think of the technological problems that will be solved in 2018. Will we have a new battery technology? Will we have cheaper solar panels? Will we have ways of making power at the home -- personal power? Will we have better food from certain food companies? Will there be a breakthrough in health? Get OUT of the dollar, and INTO things you believe in. That is the key.

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Greg the dollar is gone. If inflation goes up with the B.S. way they calculate it now. The real inflation rate will be insane. Metals and now thanks to your advice crypto will be the only way to survive. Would consider cryptos before but keep moving don't stay to long cover your back and make up loss on the dollar.

Happy new year Robin and all the best for 2018, may the force stay strong for the good cause. Greetings from your fan from the crypto world, Germany :)

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Anyway to find out who dumped all the paper? JPM probably bought it all up.

Greg cracks me up.

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Getting the dollar weak is it really a nice move? Well I guess that depends on who you are and what you do with the dollar.


If your a company that depends on foreign imports, a weak dollar will ruin you. If you mostly export, then you should see sales increase (if your product is wanted around the world). We BUY oil, for example, from other countries. Oil will appear to be more and more expensive in US dollars. This higher gas prices will be put on us, the citizens of the USA. Everything we buy will feed into the new inflation calculation. But also, it may inspire people to try to buy American products instead of foreign products -- which will then influence the economies of other places. So look for volatility for the next few years as all of this balances out again -- or breaks into war due to bugger-thy-neighbor economics.

Why Trump wants a weak dollar?? And in this case, how should we direct our investments? bitcoin or other altcoins which one ?? @marketreport @mafsteem


Good question I would like to know also


Because it gives the illusion that we are doing well, the stock market is going up, which he likes to brag about almost daily.


The real test of whether we are doing well is if gross national product goes up -- productivity goes up. But, some employees may be less inspired to work hard, because the companies are just dripping in money due to their huge tax cut. Sales people might be less motivated. Also, if employees don't see raises after this, resentments will form, companies will see turnover.

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I'm curious what do you think about Ripple? Is it suitable for investment.
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