Next Move For The Markets: Watch For Major Stock Buy-Backs. By Gregory Mannarino

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3 rounds of bad economic news in just the past 2 days, and stocks are under pressure.

In my opinion corporations are going to engage in a massive effort to push up their own stocks VIA buying back their own stock.

Investors are already maxed out with margin debt at an all time record high, and consumers are also in more debt than ever.

Today, Fed. Chair Powell admitted on LIVE TV that the US is on an unsustainable fiscal path.

In order for the charade of this fake market to pile on more "engineered" gains, corporations will have to buy back huge blocks of their own stock...


Gregory Mannarino

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Is there house of cards starting come away at the Seems? Cheers mike

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looks like things are bleak and grey for the markets , hope we see an upturn, even in the coin market things arent that good

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Thats what GE did the other day .. None other would have bought all those falling stocks in that amount.

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QQQ was up from 150 to 171 in 2 weeks. Don't you think they have already bought back a lot of stocks?

epic bond buying going on right now...

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Ready, set, let the buy back begin.... GO!!!!
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February's stock market correction probably would have been worse if companies had not stepped in to the fray and bought their own shares, while everyone else was selling stocks, companies were buying. Awesome job @marketreport , keep the reports coming !