NOW! There Is A Major Balancing Act Between The Dollar And The 10yr. Yield. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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highly manipulated

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Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted, and Resteemed.

Great video


Great videos
I like this video

Very interesting i didn't though about this point until now

Thanks Greg, my upside target on US Dollar is $95. It has been on a upside tear for the last month. Your idea for strong dollar and 3% + on 10 years notes is putting downward pressure on the markets. But you could not see it in the RUT move over the last two weeks. So while today is all about options expiration, your thoughts about strong dollar may manifest in a selloff next week perhaps. Thanks agaon for your website and trading triggers. Hope to close second half of long puts in SPY today if not this morning. upvoted and resteemed.

Very interesting post,thanks and keep updating @marketroper

Good work Greg.
I have been watching the dollar too. It's more manipulation. So much evidence of the dollar going away, along the inflation coming. It's an illusion.

Smart thinking! Don’t turn off your brain, it’s bad for your health. 😉

How many reasons do you have in this post dear friend @hilarski, I totally share your words, many arrive thinking only about the money that can be earned, without thinking about the sacrifice and commitment that is being here.
Thank you very much for sharing these tips.
I wish you a great day

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Thanks for the report.

Something unrelateted to what you actually say:
I think you should look into the lighting of your videos, or rather how it can be improved. In general your videos have been too dark since a while now, and in todays there is a shadow border right in your face as well.
Its only a technical thing, I know, but a better lighting would make everything look more professional, in my opinion.
Otherwise, have a nice weekend!



Once again, great insight. Re-steemed and up voted as always.

I can see what you say about the balancing act, thanks.

Appreciate your bringing enlightenment to so many different variables that come in to play.
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If I'm ever in Vegas can we hang out?

thank you Greg for your work. Will see how everything will come together.

Interesting to hear about the relation between US$ and Yield. Thanks Greg!

Very interesting i didn't though about this point until now Great video