Right Now Cryptocurrencies Are Getting Hammered, This May Be A BAD Omen For Stocks. By Gregory Mannarino

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Something is up and we need to watch this. Cryptocurrencies are being hammered right now @12.05pm PST. This may be a signal of steep losses for stocks coming in the short run. Keep your eyes on bond yields! https://www.traderschoice.net/

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You totally nailed today with this post! Stocks took a huge huge huge hit today. I don’t think the bleeding is over yet either. I don’t necessarily mean tomorrow is a down day but I think more down days are in our future than dead cat bounces.

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Interesting view.. Thanx!

This is a huge dip


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Up voted. I still like some cryptos though and think that this is a good buying opportunity (using fun money only, can not stress that enough).

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thanx greg for this news hope now crypto will be up as you say and also good work for give your reviews and share analysis and your always helpfull videos on stock


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Im getting ready for a dip, which means it will probably bounce and i will be wrong again :) . Thanks for posting Greg.

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Crypto sell off is scary right now!

Thank you for your infirmation

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Thanks for sharing this news sir @marketreport I always wait for your post and wish you all the best keep it up I want to see you on the top of this community you are doing good work

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Thanks for the update i also thinks that this will effect stock market also

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Tomorrow is going to be a day to remember. Did anyone notice the number? 666 the Dow dropped 666 points.... actually 665.75..... wtf.... Everyone fasten your seat belts.

Yeah cryptos are dropping fast and furious...
Bond action tomorrow will be a great tell on what's ahead...
Thanx for the update!!!!
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Thanks for the update. This coming week should be most interesting. Whenever the NWO boys start losing control, I start worrying about us going to war with somebody without a really good reason. Upvoted and resteemed.


You got that right.... We are currently having military exercises with Israel and our military is taking position between the Kurds and Turkey in Syria. Could get ugly real fast.

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Since crazy action going on right now! Btc at 8255. #resteem #upvote

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I wonder if this is just a retracement or part of something bigger. There was always a large gap on the chart around 8000-8500. Looked like it needed to be filled. Sure there's bigger things going on in bonds and stocks, but the possibility exists that this is just a fill. I personally think we will see 20k in a few months, but who knows. It sure is a gamble!!

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Thanks for sharing dear
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This is going really bad. Hope the pressure ends soon.

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Thanks for updating us news about Cryptocurrencies.."i really appericate your effort and hard work..i always follow you and waiting for good news..its really useful news for all steemit user..thanks again for information post @marketreport

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Prelude for a crash?

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I think you might be right. Looking at the dow jones futures the sell off might continue tomorrow. Should be very interesting to see how high that 10 year goes.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the world of cryptos , and I’m still staying with a reserved approach of %5 . Enough to have some skin in the game , but not so much that it breaks you .

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Thanks Greg, cant wait to see the fake markets to see if there going to buy bonds.

Sure it is
One of the heaviest stroke came from Indian media,and the people just started loosing out minds,now it's clear that India haven't ban the cryptos(that's actually misrepresentated by some media houses)looking forward to the G20. Summit to be held in March.
Well India is a giant economy ,I think won't take stupid decision to even out crpto .Also the ruler party supports the use of digital medium for transaction,I don't think they will go for that harsh step.

Hi Greg
My question is, when everyting is going down, were is all the money going?

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Nice work..

Thanks for the wisdom you have and share with others.

Tomorrow will only be a hint...the real meaning of all this comes at the end of this coming week. Be prepared to be shocked!

great post keep the good work

I wrote an article on STEEM that I expect the S&P to hit at least the 50 MA.. we'll see

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The stock market in my country is already down because of the new budget.

Fear Uncertainty and Doubt are contagious - they opened the box and it led everyone to look behind the curtain.

Peeps who got in late 2017 are really getting rekt,thanks for the update and heads up brother. Appreciate it

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