SITUATION ALERT: Bonds, US Dollar, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Crypto, MORE! By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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everything is down


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Yeah you are right,all of coin now down.


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Just kidding, being facetious.

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Dollar is getting crushed. Crypto is a saver.


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Thanks so much for this information. It's quite helpful for deciding what to do with my investments.

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Thank you for sharing and archiving. I cannot see these charts on while using my pad so I appreciate the snapshot.

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The market currently is scary to me. Got my money stocked in vibe before the huge fall. Now i can't sell. Don't know when it will pick up again.

good video..i like it. hope that everyone also like thanks..great job

The bond markets been heading downward. I've been waiting for the "mysterious buyer" lol to step up and buy. Today at opening they stepped up big time. Very impressive vertical green line on the chart @ traders choice, Gregory's web site....
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Hi Greg, thanks for the latest update. I believe that the Fed wants to see the dollar fall so I am not suprised to it falling day after day. All of the major powers are in a currency war as described by economist Jim Rickards in his book of the same name.

As for market rigging. Again no surprises there. In April 2016 Deutsche Bank, one of the world's largest banks, admitted in a US court that it has been rigging the silver price in collusion with several other too big to fail banks such as HSBC. Yet in 2013 the CFTC closed a 5 year investigation concluding that there was no evidence of precious metals rigging!

The price manipulation in the bitcoin/crypto markets s becoming more and more obvious and is worrying for those of us who are ordinary investors.

David Belle of the Daily Reckoning daily newsletter wrote a fascinating article yesterday noting that,''algorithms run crypto markets - I’m adamant on that.'' He went onto explain that:

''The algorithm strategy has been to sell the monthly/weekly resistance pivot point and buy back at the first or second weekly support pivot, with a market making algorithm running in between these ranges.''

This has the effect of shaking out the average crypto trader as you have pointed out many times.

Many believe that crypto markets are dominated by small traders but as David Belle has observed it is dominated by large whales. (e.g. 97% of bitcoin is controlled by 4% of the wallets) who manipulate the market to their advantage.

Until the bond and stock markets collapse then I do not believe that we will see an end to this price manipulation of precious metals and the crypto market.


Looks like whoever sold all of that precious metal this morning in order to lower the prices wasted their time and money. Oh wait, it probably wasn't their money anyway.

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They will simply continue purchasing. It's rigged. They will purchase until the point when they are perused for the crumple.
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Silver is down, so i'm still buying it!

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This is the only logical explanation. gy.jpg

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They will just keep buying. It's rigged. They will buy until they are read for the collapse. @marketreport

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Would love to have opinions from anyone on what is going to happen with this economy this year.

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Who is buying those bond? Who is selling all of that precious metal? Who is selling all of those cyptos? I guess we'll never know. /sarc

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Is there some way for us to roughly estimate how much value of bonds that was bought by causing this jump?

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This stock market keeps going higher ... amazing. Looking at the technicals, how long can they keep it from popping is fascinating to watch! lol

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Gave you a shout out in this one Greg!
Alert!! Quick Cryptocurrency FUD update! Not Clickbait! Live Bitcoin Dollar Manipulation!

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If the wizards are truly trying to shake people out of BTC and other cryptos then once they feel their objective is complete they will run the price up again so they can wash rinse and repeat this cycle until they have completely reversed the transfer of wealth that BTC was initially meant to facilitate for the people. Can anyone or anything bring down the wizards that ruin lives around the globe?!?

Greg, The DXY chart you recently added to is displaying weekly candlesticks rather than daily, or even some inter-day time interval (i.e., hourly or 15 minutes). Just wondering your reasoning on this setup? I'd personally would prefer to see hourly increments at a minimum.

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