SPECIAL POST MARKET REPORT: Bonds Melt Down! And Stocks Drop. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Thx Greg.

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The true value of debt... is whatever the market decides it is. If nobody want to buy it then it is worth zero. If everybody wants it then ok, it has value. This is true of everything including gold, silver, and cryptos...and my shoes.

Bonds selling off again!


And so IT goes, love your humor ....keep it up GregoryKoala.jpg ....anyone hear about tw..ter banning followers of GM ???... I got locked down !!

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thanx greg for give your reviews and share analysis and your always helpfull videos on stock is great work

Market might retest previous lows. It happens when market fall big time, like it happened lately.

Great call about the SPY puts greg!

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marketreport sir you give me always true infromtaion and opinions thanx sir for best work here

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The value of debt is whatever the market will pay for it. I think the market is overpaying for it so I will not buy it.

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Thanx for your analysis Gregory and yes BONDS were melting big time today!!!

Good instincts to wait out the knee jerk reaction. I'll be surprised to though if "it" does not provide support for the bond markets going forward.

Thanks a lot from Germany...

very good for this video mr. @marketreport
thank you sharing your video..

Thanks for the interpretation of today's events and the PUT. In the last minute it blew past my target and I made 18% but I didn't find out until a minute or so after close, it was going down so fast. I will try to get back in tomorrow. The value of debt. Debt enables the Luciferian Eugenicists to control the masses, destroy freedom and even cause many to die by the manipulation of money. They will be compensated for their evil in the end.

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So Sir Its Not Good Time For Trading???

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Hi! @marketreport i'm here and I read your post, it's really true information....

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Greg, thanks for the great info. How can I help with this effort to inform people and, thereby, to protect them from the banksters?

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Ugh another drop after all the mess that was a few weeks ago. Just gotta pull through it as always.

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Great post and helpfull info thnx #marketreport

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He is Robin Hood

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I got some put options on USO, hoping to strike oil on that one.

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Great shorting opportunities in that pump

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been waiting since market closing for this video! thanks

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The value of debt? As the lender it could be valuable, but not for the borrower. It only spells trouble.

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The true value of debt is what people are willing to pay for it. Now why would anyone be willing to pay anything for this debt? That is the question that you asked many times before. Thanks for the market update. Uv & Rs.

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The value of debt is the ability of the debtor to pay the debt. If you owe the bank $1,000,000.00, you have a problem. If you owe the bank $100,000,000.00, the bank has a problem.


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s&p 500 1500

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So in other words - it's all bullshit. Nobody knows what's happening now, future or in the immediate past. Everybody's crack's open and like the casinos, bravery lays the money down. NObody knows the direction of destiny. Risk yields rewards, opportunity makes people rich. Which are you? Bets down.

Hello Greg, Great Post!
What is the Truth Value of Debt?

  1. David Stockman believes the Global Debt is 225 Trillion. I believe its higher because the $225 Trillion does not include shadow Banking. I think the Debt is 4 times greater than the Global GDP of $71 Trillion x 4 = $284 Trillion.
  2. The Derivatives Market is between 1.4 Quadrillion to 2.4 Quadrillion. 3. Do you Remember imaginary numbers in Algebra? The square of an imaginary number bi is −b2. For example, 5i is an imaginary number, and its square is −25. Zero is considered to be both real and imaginary. The Central Banks have distorted and broken the Economic Laws to such a degree, that what is imaginary appears to be real. But the "Real" Economic fundamentals has become imaginary.
  3. Almost every Asset is overvalued, except Gold & Silver.
    "Gold is Money everything else is Credit" JP Morgan

as stated repeatedly sell into any strenght..do not be fooled.

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Biggest scam aside from silver. I just traded in a few kilos of silver for next to nothing at $16.72 spot - for some gold. Never would have done it unless I used crypto gains of 3000% to do it. Either way.... This is shit and "IT" will find a way to stick "IT'S" fist up our asses one way or another.

The value of anything is what someone is willing to pay for it.

@marketreport will you be adding to your put position? if so under what circumstance?

Futures currently red ,might be a good time to be short, a retest of recent lows may be coming. Great time to be a trader.


My bag is swinging. Don't let it hit you in the short face.

How low can a little bond go?

It was planned!!

i always follow you for your work.i am like your activity.

As always, thank you for your videos.

Thank you Gregory for the great information.

Guys so we are bearish in the short term right?

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Debt has no value...

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