SPECIAL REPORT: Bitcoin Price Falls As CME Futures Exchange Bids Lower. By Gregory Mannarino

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******Remember Bitcoin IS NOT the only crypto game in town. 1) Just watch the BTC futures price and you will have a very good idea of where the price action of Bitcoin will go. 2) Start diversifying into other cryptos, look for up and comers.

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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Pump the BTC Futures price up, then Dump coming when marketcap gets over Trillion + dollars (could be trillions!)

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I know you're warning about the futures market, which seems to be up to me, but what do you think about my prediction that we will see a dip for two-three days or so, and then start going back up, like it did 2 weeks ago? https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@brentssanders/update-does-anyone-else-see-where-this-is-going-ii-up-or-down-by-next-sunday


No warning at all. Just follow the futures and you have a very good idea of where the price of Bitcoin will go.


Then, how quickly do BTC prices react to the futures (are we looking at tomorrow's futures' indices, or those from 6 months from now)?

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Hey GM! Happy Sunday, missed you all weekend so looking forward to catching up. any new ideas on new coins or tokens out there?

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Wall Street has a habit of f@cking things up but they may have met their match in Bitcoin.

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So much for bitcoin being decentralized and out of the 'system'. I didn't believe it when people would say it, and now I really don't believe it.

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Speaking of other Cryptocurrencies...Greg, have you looked into Quantstamp at all? Very interesting company that will work to audit/secure smart contracts running on Ethereum to protect them from hacking. I could go into more detail, but probably better to just check it out yourself. I think you will be intrigued!

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Greg, when are you going to stop playing games, and load up on Litecoin?

I expect bitcoin will correct soon and I think that the smart money will continue to look for value opportunities in other cryptos. BTC will be subject to manipulation and get gamed by Wall Street unfortunately.

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Hopefully they will manipulate it up, could they make more profit pumping it up than shorting it? Litecoin and ETH also going down with Bitcoin.

Thanks Greg. Litecoin is a good choice. It's fairly stable and offered on Coinbase. Look for other cryptos to be offered on Coinbase as well. Let's not rule out physical silver. It's a bargain right now and might take off soon.

So was the run up in price this past year Jamie Dimon loading up on BTC so they can game the price? If not, how are they going to game it anywhere but up?

You are officially Christmas trolled - happy holidays :)

Traded my BTC for altcoins a few weeks ago and im a really happy camper

Bitcoin price is lol

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Gregory your informative updates are greatly appreciated by us all

Greg, I thought you might find this link interesting. Bitcoin is a public ledger of transactions and ownership. Enjoy!


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Interesting news, I hope this temporary phenomenon, or that all investors will switch to Steem.
Good luck to you and good.

Интересная новость, надеюсь это временное явление, или что все инвесторы перейдут на Steem.
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